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Castle offer DIY Iyonix Kit

For those detractors who've been complaining that new RISC OS kit is too expensive, Castle are now offering a DIY option which could save you several hundred pounds. You purchase the motherboard, and a minimum of other parts from Castle and supply the rest yourself. More details on Drobe.

RISC OS Goes 32bit

Two important pieces of RISC OS news have broken this week: firstly, RISC OS Ltd announced that they have been developing a 32-bit version of RISC OS. Secondly, Advantage Six have announced that they have built a series of machines for embedded / industrial use.

Cross platform development: Building RISC OS Programs on Windows

Perhaps surprising, and certainly not obvious to many people, is that it's been possible to develop RISC OS programs under Windows for a long time. Historically, ARM's SDK environment was able to generate RISC OS binaries, although that support was removed some time ago. More recently (but has still been true for a number of years), it's been possible to build RISC OS programs using GCCSDK under Cygwin - although bugs in the version of the compiler packaged with it did make that problematic earlier this year.

Emulating RISC OS under Windows

One of the most impressive aspects of even relatively modest PC hardware is its' ability to emulate a wide range of other platforms. Being a bit of an OS junkie myself, and lacking the space for a full computer room of weird and wonderful hardware, I emulate a range of systems from my humble desktop PC. In this article, I will describe the procedure through which you can run RISC OS 3.7 and others on a Windows-based PC and experience this classic OS (screenshots included).

RISC OS 4.39 and 4.02 pricings confirmed

"RISCOS Ltd., developer of RISC OS 4, yesterday announced its pricing scheme for RISC OS 4.39, the next major release of everybody's favourite 26 bit mode operating system. The announcement confirms our initial figures which we revealed early last month. RISCOS Ltd. have also disclosed that the price of RISC OS 4.02 ROM sets are set to increase from March this year." Read the rest at Drobe.

Iyonix’ First Birthday

Castle today celebrated the first birthday of their 600MHz XScale, RISC OS machine, the IYONIX pc. Castle announced the machine 17th of October last year, and placed it on sale on the 28th of Novemeber 2002. Since then, it has gained a Linux port, and revitalised the RISC OS platform. More information in this drobe.co.uk article.