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Review: UnixWare 7.1.4 is suitable for basic server duty

UnixWare 7.1.4 is the latest in a long line of Unix releases from The SCO Group. It is a stable and mature Unix, with a variety of basic servers included, such as the Apache Web server and Squid, and is available in both single-user desktop-oriented versions and server versions. It has reasonable support for hardware, good documentation, and a nice integrated management utility that offers unified administration of the OS, hardware, and servers. Performance as a server platform is good, supporting a number of TCP sessions and Web server users, and file transfer performance is competitive with Linux and Windows platforms.

UnixWare 7.1.4 Released

Among the products SCO announced were version 7.1.4 of its UnixWare software, accompanied by new editions for small businesses and for embedded devices such as slot machines; updates to calendar and e-mail server software; authentication software to ease login troubles in mixed Unix-Windows environments; and an OpenServer overhaul called Legend, based on the UnixWare kernel.

SCO Backs Off GPL Claims

In The SCO Group Inc.'s latest U.S. District Court filing as it battles IBM over Linux, the company is no longer using the affirmative defense that the GNU General Public License (GPL) is unconstitutional. SCO president and CEO Darl McBride took aim at the GNU General Public License, under which Linux is distributed, in a December open letter. He said the GPL violates the U.S. Constitution as well as U.S. copyright and patent laws.

BayStar Wants SCO Group to Focus Solely on IP Enforcement

And where everyone thought that BayStar pulled out their investment off SCO because they didn't like the bad press and any SCO involvement, it seems to be the exact opposite: they want to see even more IP enforcement from SCO! "It's questionable whether SCO Group should continue in the (Unix) market," BayStar's spokesman Bob McGrath said. "We're looking for the best return we can, and we think the focus should be on IP licensing (and enforcement)."

SCO sues AutoZone

SCO Group Inc. Wednesday said it has filed a copyright suit against auto-parts company AutoZone Inc., alleging the chain runs versions of the freely distributed Linux operating system that contain code belonging to SCO.

Nmap Refuses Usage by SCO

The recent released new version of Nmap (a security scanner) refuses, despite the usage of GPL, any usage by SCO. This is valid for all nmap versions: "we hereby terminate SCO's rights to redistribute any versions of Nmap in any of their products".

SCO Roundup: Is The End In Sight?

As if the SCO Group doesn't have their hands full with the MyDoom worm, recent updates in the Linux lawsuits have caused quite a stir. The folks at Groklaw have transcribed all of the documentation in which SCO details the code they claim to own. But now it looks like SCO's argument, which is based on their definition of "derivative code," may be contradicted by AT&T, who not only wrote the original code, but wrote about this exact scenario in $echo 1985!