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SCO Group Readies New Platform

The SCO Group is working on a new platform, known as SCOx, that it hopes will drive the next generation of applications on both the network and the server, across both Unix and Linux. McBride also addressed the controversy surrounding SCO's plans to make users pay for some Unix software they're running, unlicensed, on Linux. McBride said it was "very widespread and would generate a revenue stream in the millions of dollars. We know who they are."

SCO Linux 4 – Ready for the Big Time

"SCO have taken the lead in bringing UnitedLinux consortium's UnitedLinux server operating system to the reseller market. At first glance, SCO Linux 4, SCO's version of UnitedLinux 1.0, doesn't look that much different from OpenLinux. In fact, it really just looks like a typical-albeit stripped down to the vital server basics-Linux server distribution. And, that's as it should be." Read the story at Practical-Tech.

SCO Linux 4.0 Announced

"Coincident with Tuesday's release of the UnitedLinux distribution, the SCO Group is announcing shipment of SCO Linux 4.0, based on the UnitedLinux product. Though it will be the SCO Group's first release under the "SCO Linux" name, the numbering convention is in keeping with the company's previous existence as Caldera, whose last distribution was 3.1.1." Read the report at LinuxAndMain.