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SuSE Linux 8.0: Good Software, Poor Distro

"Those of you who have read my posts at the discussion forum may have noticed I'm a fan of SuSE's distribution. You might even be shocked by the title of this article. But don't get me wrong, I love SuSE Linux 8.0, even though I've been disappointed by some elements of it. But let's start at the beginning..." Read the review of SuSE 8.0 at DesktopLinux. In other SuSE-related news, ZDNews had two articles "SuSE 8.0 arrives without StarOffice" and "SuSE looks to stabilize Linux".

SuSE Linux 8.0 Beta Review at LinuxPlanet

Kurt Wall writes for LinuxPlanet: "I'm a minimalist when it comes to my Linux boxes. They all run Slackware and XFCE, with nary a single bit of KDE or GNOME to be seen. Why? Because I want to save my RAM, CPU, and disk for real computing, not eye candy. So, as I began my review of SuSE 8.0, I was skeptical that it would have much that really wowed me. And, to be clear, I finished my review as firmly entrenched in my minimalism as when I started. Naytheless, SuSE impressed me, especially the painless, perfect installation -- an element difficult to get right during a beta. Those of you who prefer or rely on feature-rich, beautiful desktops won't be disappointed in SuSE 8.0."

SuSE Announces SuSE Linux 8.0

Today, SuSE announced SuSE Linux 8.0, the company's latest Linux operating system and applications package highlighting increased security, KDE 3 desktop, seamless installation and expanded multimedia capabilities for professional and private desktop users. SuSE also announces 64-Bit-Version of the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 7 for IBM eServer zSeries.

SuSE 7.3 Available for Download

The new version of SuSE Linux 7.3 is now starting to show up in many mirrors around the world and it is becoming available for download. You can read the review of SuSE 7.3 on NewsForge: "For me, getting SuSE 7.3 Personal installed and running was a lot like having a baby -- it was painful and took a long time. But baby, am I ever happy with the result." Tina Gasperson writes. However, TheRegister journalist Thomas C Greene, after having big troubles (read the 'related stories' at the end of this article to get the feeling of the context story) installing RedHat 7.2 in his Dell machine, reports that the SuSE installation went just fine.

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for S/390

SuSE Linux announced the release of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for S/390, the latest version of its server operating system for deployment in enterprise mainframes. Based on kernel 2.4, this SuSE server version now supports S/390 servers as well as IBM eServer zSeries z900. SuSE offers a solution for consolidation of mission-critical e-business applications with HiperSockets support, Logical Volume Manager and Journaling Filesystem. SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for S/390 will be available from the end of November from SuSE and SuSE Linux Enterprise Partners. Prices start at $4,500 USD.

SuSE Linux Professional 7.3 Review

"SuSE is billed as a complete easy-to use Linux package providing users with a large set of programs. SuSE 7.3 is available in two editions: a Personal Edition and a Professional Edition. The Personal edition is primarily for Linux beginners and has a 'relatively' small set of applications included in the package. This review will focus solely on the Professional Edition." Read the rest of the review over at the FirstLinux web site. Update: Another review of SuSE 7.3 can be found at LinuxPlanet. This particular author found the SuSE upgrade problematic.

SuSE Linux 7.3 Available for Pre-Order

Coming with Kernel 2.4.10, KDE 2.2.1, JFS, XFS, ReiserFS and even Ext3 support, SuSE leads the way in the newest Linux distributions with their new version, SuSE Linux 7.3. Many improvements on their Control Center and YAST, especially in the TV Card configurations (Bttv cards) and XFree. The distribution is available in Personal ($40) and Professional ($80) editions currently in Pre-Ordering, the full release is scheduled for October 19th.