Zeta Archive

Faktum: Business Made Simple

"Beyond just having an operating system, it's important to have applications that make the operating system interesting and useful. A long standing problem for yellowTAB's ZETA has been the absence of business software for bookkeeping, accounting, inventory, and other office tasks. One of our developers has had his nose to the grindstone for quite some time now, working almost exclusively on a project to fill this gap."

YellowTAB Resident Open Source Advocate Speaks

"It seems that the recent announcement about the release of open source software from yellowTAB was quite missunderstood. That announcement started quite a lot of trolling in the community. I didn't feel there was much to buzz about though; it was just an official release of source code from applications being in ZETA. Nothing more, nothing less. I saw comments saying "They have to because of the GPL" or "They are trying to make PR to cover them not respecting the GPL for 2 years..." Obviously some people talk about things they don't know."

Zeta 1.1 (SP1) Released; VideoEditor Integrated Into Zeta Deluxe

YellowTAB has released a service pack for its Zeta operating system, bumping the version number to 1.1. This .pdf (in German, English version not (yet) available) describes the changes in a detailed fashion. In addition, "due to the unexpected amount of interest in yellowTAB's VideoEditor, we have decided not to release a stand-alone ProVersion. Instead, the ProVersion and its many anxiously awaited features will be integrated into our Zeta DeluxeEdition release."

YellowTAB ZETA: An Alternative to Desktop Linux?

"When looking for an alternative to Windows most people think of either Apple's OS X or Linux. Of course, these are both viable alternatives but they are not the only options. One way to go is with yellowTAB's ZETA operating system. Though it is not yet very popular, ZETA is the successor to BeOS, the highly regarded OS from Be, Inc. This is a very interesting and beautiful operating system which may not presently be a threat to Linux but it does have more than a few things going for it."

YellowTAB Gives Back the Code

"Zeta includes quite a lot of open source software. YellowTAB was able to include software like bash, GCC, VLC, to name just a few, with Zeta and thus profit from the work of many thousands of developers. However, programs do not always work straight away when compiled for Zeta and may require changes to do so. We make the necessary changes and fix bugs to make sure that these programs run smoothly on Zeta. Now it's time to give something back."

SATA Coming to Zeta

According to Cola-Coder, a yellowTAB employee, the first stable SATA driver for ZETA has been implemented. Currently, the driver supports VIA VT6420/6421 chipsets, which will most likely be followed with support for nVidia (nForce) chipsets.

Review: YellowTAB Zeta 1.0

"The biggest thing they have done is to add more drivers and update the look in order to bring BeOS to users who could not have installed it before and attract new users to discover what made it great. This is a good thing, but I just can't get behind this OS as of yet. There are too many problems and rough patches. If you want the best way to use BeOS, this is it. If you are looking for the best desktop OS, I cannot recommend Zeta."

YellowTAB Threatens BeOS/Haiku Developers?

It appears that Marcus Overhagen, a well-known BeOS developer, has been recieving threats from YellowTAB. Marcus writes: "Using an alleged NDA (non disclosure agreement) breach, he promises to undertake everything that is possible to sue me. He claimes that even this mail is protected by the NDA that I signed with Yellowtab, but I'm certain that it doesn't apply here. At the end, he says that a copy of that mail was sent to their lawyer, who is now checking legal measures against me."

Zeta: A Refreshing State Of Be-ing

Ever since Be, Inc. was dissolved and its BeOS technology was turned over to the Palm OS charnel house in '01, Be fans have been eagerly awaiting a successor to their favorite operating system, with very few rays of hope since. Earlier this month, however, yellowTAB released their BeOS descendent Zeta. Have Be fans finally found their savior, or is this just another failed attempt at reviving the dead? Read on — this review will help you decide exactly that.