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ZETA’s Multiuser Previewed

IsComputerOn.com takes a first look at the ZETA's multiuser capabilities currently under development. This is "a first beta, usable but still incomplete and with bugs" reports ICO. The article uses screenshots to show what multiuser looks like in ZETA, and describes how to create user accounts, as well as some of the existing problems with the implementation which, hopefully, will be fixed before release. As Magnussoft told us a few days ago, multiuser support will be available as an update to the upcoming ZETA 1.21, but no release date is mentioned.

Magnussoft Launches Zeta Beta Program

Yesterday, Magnussoft, via the ZETA-OS site, announced the launch of the new Beta Test program. A difference in this beta test program is that the testers will not only work with the OS itself but also with beta applications, drivers and even kernel modules (when you apply you can choose if you want to test only one of those or all of them). What's also nice about this is that everyone can apply, without the need for prior experience in beta testing.

Magnussoft Now Worldwide Distributor of ZETA

"A new distribution partner for the alternative operating system ZETA OS has been announced. The worldwide distribution rights for the ambitious Operating system have been granted to Magnussoft Germany. This also means that the continuation and future of operating system ZETA, despite the problems of yellowTAB GmbH, has now been secured. A first production run to satisfy the increasing demand for version 1.2 has already been initiated. The first copies from this run should arrive at existing dealers within a couple of days."

ZETA 1.2 Released

YellowTAB has released Zeta 1.2. "The moment has come: yellowTAB presents the latest version of yellowTAB ZETA 1.2. So many items and features have been improved or changed that is is almost impossible to mention them all. Read on below to find out about the new and exciting changes we have made to yellowTAB ZETA 1.2."

YellowTAB Bankrupt?; Bernd Korz Denies, Official Statement Soon

Heise, an influential German tech website, stirred the BeOS community up today by reporting that YellowTAB filed for bankruptcy -- however, this bankruptcy was not filed from within YellowTAB, but by a 3rd party, possibly to damage YellowTAB. This news quickly spread accross BeOS related websites, but none of them could confirm the story. I emailed Bernd Korz, YellowTAB's CEO, and he confirmed that indeed someone from outside the company filed for bankruptcy, but that YellowTAB is in fact not bankrupt. Bernd could not disclose full details yet, as the company was still discussing this with its lawyers. Bernd did confirm that within a few days, the company will release an official statement concerning the issue.

Interview: Bernd Korz

PowerDreams did an interview with Bernd Korz, CEO of YellowTAB. The original German version has been translated to English (by an Italian website). Interesting bits: "The LiveCD caught on unbelievably well and worldwide. We have more than 1 million CDs out in the market, thanks to many magazines." And, something that always interests me: "The response and level of publicity is surprisingly good and we have open doors everywhere at hardware manufacturers." That hardware part is crucial for the alternative OS market.

Preview: ZETA 1.2

IsComputerOn (back from some downtime) has previewed the latest ZETA 1.2, still in beta testing, soon to be available to the general public. "Well, this is not the final 1.2 version, but so far my experience with this beta (and the previous ones) has been very pleasant. Stability issues have been (mostly) solved, speed has increased and the overall look has improved as well (the new buttons, tabs, the default decor has been improved too), making this a good experience throughout the beta testing." Many screenshots included, boys and girls. Expect a review of a 1.2 beta on OSNews too, soon.

My Personal Experiences with Zeta 1.1

Even though I ordered Zeta from an official US reseller store, the product box I received was in the German language (at least part of it was). I recognized the company name, yellowTAB, and the name of the operating system, Zeta. But all other information printed on the box, including the system requirements, were printed in German.

YellowTAB Says ‘Sayonara’ to Berry Japan

YellowTAB has announced today their decision to terminate the distributor agreement they had with Berry Japan, due to "a long standing material breach of contract on the part of Berry Japan". YellowTAB is also advising potential buyers in Japan to purchase ZETA from PlatHome, as they are currently the only Japanese reseller that has purchased ZETA through legitimate distribution channels. Furthermore, YellowTAB is evaluating alternatives to better serve customers in Japan, and in the meantime has setup emails to attend the needs of existing and potential Japanese customers.

Progress Report on OOo for Zeta; More BeOS/Zeta News

A selection of BeOS/Zeta news today. First off, here's a progress report on YellowTAB's attempt at porting OpenOffice.org to Zeta: "We have now succeeded in porting 50 of the total of 200 packages of OpenOffice to yellowTAB ZETA. This includes one of the most complex components namely the SAL (System Abstraction Layer)." Secondly, IsComputerOn points out that screenshots of the BeMediaCenter have been published, while an update to BeeF is almost finished. And last but not least, Cola-coder is working on a front-end to IM_Kit (ICO has a download link).

Can the Zeta LiveCD Be Installed?

"I've been working off-and-on writing a review/overview of the Zeta LiveCD, but one topic in particular kept distracting me: the question of whether or not the demo CD can be installed and run from a hard drive partition. My experimentation ended up growing into an article of its own and the short answer is 'no'. For all the gory details, read on."

Interview: Bernd Korz

"With a recent flurry of releases and announcements from yellowTAB, I decided that it was time to talk to Bernd Korz about where he hopes to take ZETA. He was kind enough to go through these plans at length with me, and at the same time gave valuable personal insights into the man behind the public face of yellowTAB."

Zeta 1.5 Alpha: a First Look

Bernd Korz, CEO of yellowTAB, has released a few screenshots of the alpha version of Zeta 1.5. The shots show the new preferences panel, and the video editor. If you look at the first screenshot, you can catch a glimpse of the new window tab-- a much-criticised aspect of previous versions of Zeta. Update: ZetaNews has added a screenshot showing the multi-user features of Zeta 1.5 alpha.

OpenOffice for ZETA

"An operating system without an office suite is limited in its mass market appeal, making this a fairly serious issue. When yellowTAB decided to update ZETA's compiler, much thought was given to this problem in particular, and finally an answer made itself clear."