Zeta Archive

Looking for a Job in OS Development?

YellowTab recently announced the opening of a "job centre" on its web site, with three jobs listed: Bug hunter, Builder Engineer and RAD GUI. You'd need to move to Germany and know German, but there are few actual jobs in alternative OS development these days, so bust out those "Learn German in Three Days Under Hypnosis" tapes, and get going!

Zeta R1 Screenshots

ICO brings the new look at the upcoming Zeta R1 via new screenshots (pronounced "zeeta"). In them you can see the new Network preferences panel, Printer panel using CUPS and the Theme manager.

Video Interview with YellowTab

At BeGeistert 14 Daniel "daat" Teixeira from IsComputerOn and Chris Simmons from HaikuNews spent 40 minutes interviewing YellowTab's Bernd Korz and Alan Westbrook, and we covered such topics as the use of GCC, Java, what's new with Zeta, and more. Pictures from the event here.

Hope For 3D in BeOS/Zeta

Driver guru Rudolf Cornelissen has started a project to try and make 3D hardware acceleration a reality in BeOS/Zeta. He's working to integrate the Nvidia driver and MESA, using as an example the utahGLX driver. For more details read the article over to IsComputerOn.

Zeta and OpenBFS presented at Kansai Open Source 2004

BeOS/Zeta user group JPBE.net recently exhibited at the Kansai Open Source 2004 show held in Osaka, Japan, inviting yellowTAB Senior Development Engineer Bruno G. Albuquerque to host a seminar on OpenBFS, and to demo the latest version of Zeta OS. News site www.iscomputeron.com now carries a report of Kansai Open Source 2004, while videos of the OpenBFS session and an on stage Zeta demo are also available from JPBE.net. Also, C# for BeOS.

yellowTAB releases Zeta Neo

While development towards Zeta OS 1.0 advances at a steady pace, yellowTAB has decided to do an interim release called Zeta Neo, so that users can enjoy the many enhancements incorporated into the Zeta OS so far. Zeta Neo has a long list of improvements over previous versions of Zeta, including two new applications, updated and new drivers, support for IDE hard disc drives larger than 120GB, redesigned Preference panels, improved and expanded localisation support, updated development tools, and an expanded Zeta Manual.