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yellowTAB Announces Zeta 1.0-RC2 Officially

Today yellowTAB announced that Zeta RC2 has gone to press and will be entering retail channels within the next couple of weeks. This new release candidate incorporates hundreds of changes and bugfixes since the RC1 including many submissions from users. A few days ago a misunderstanding aroused among the Zeta customers and YellowTAB regarding the free availability of RC2 or not. RC2 is just RC1 with Service Packs 2 and 3 applied. Current customers will receive the ServicePack 3 download for free. They will also have the option of getting an RC2 CD at an upgrade price.

BeOS/Zeta on VPC 2004, 1 GB RAM Hack, Opera for 10 USD

ZetaNews.com posted some interesting all-around BeOS/Zeta news today: Opera 3.64 for BeOS now available for $10 USD, BeOSmax.org are explaining why the newest version is further delayed, an article about installing BeOS inside Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and a hack effort to make BeOS believe that the machine has less RAM than it actually has in order to not hit its 1 GB RAM limitation and crash.

BeOSJournal Reviews Zeta RC1

BeOSJournal.org posted a review of YellowTAB's Zeta 1.0-RC-1 with many images (however the review does not state if it was the Service Pack 2 of the RC-1 that was tested, which has many USB and other fixes). Note to Mac readers: If under OSX you can't read the folder after you uncompress the zip file, change the folder's access attributes from the "Get Info" panel.

Zeta SP2 Beta; New Theme Look; New Default Font; Zeta on TV

Nearly a month after Service Pack 1 for Zeta RC1 was released, yellowTAB is working on the last bits and pieces of Service Pack 2. This service pack will be the base of Zeta RC1.1, as the RC1 is completely sold out. The new SP has a new theme and a new default font (modified Vera). ZetaNews has the details and screenshots and also the videos from the NBC Giga TV show which featured YellowTAB's Zeta recently.

Another ex-Be Engineer Comments on YellowTAB Zeta

Ex-Be engineer Dianne Hackborn (now at PalmSource) gave an interview at the BeOSJournal.org and comments on many different things, including YellowTAB's Zeta: "Personally I find Zeta depressing. From what I have seen, it is basically the work we had in progress at Be plus various things dumped on top. Unfortunately what we had at Be was half-finished, if that. I hate seeing all of the half-finished parts of the UI being thrown around as a real product." Dianne is not the first ex-Be engineer commenting on Zeta's potential (or lack there of). Another three ex-Be employees have also commented recently.

YellowTAB Prepares Service Pack 1 for its Zeta 1.0 RC-1

YellowTAB is currently preparing a service pack for its RC1 release. Customers who bought Zeta Deluxe 1.0-RC1, will receive their CDs within a few days and the Service Pack that was developed in the meantime will also be available for these customers via a web download (about 5 MB). Read more for the (partial) changelog and screenshots showing the new "quick launch" facility YellowTAB is introducing on their Deskbar and their SVG Tracker and preference panels.

OpenBeOS Status Report; More BeOS/Zeta News

In the new OpenBeOS newsletter Michael Phipps is giving a good status report, explaining the status of each kit. However, what we don't learn yet is how far we are from an alpha public release. In the meantime, the Beunited Java team announced that they now have a complete coomand line version (1.4.2.) running, while 3Sat TV channel will present Yellowtab Zeta on TV today. Additionally, the people at BeOS Max said that the last version of their distribution will be 3.1, because they don't want to be an obstacle on Zeta's commercial success.

yellowTab Now Sells Complete Hardware Systems with Zeta

yellowTab announced the "Complete Zeta Solution": Both in laptop (Centrino) and desktop form (P4 and AthlonXP), yellowTab will sell, to Europe only, complete and compatible hardware systems. All systems come with a 2 year warranty and estimated delivery is 10-14 days. The systems will ship with YellowTAB Zeta 1.0-RC1, and buyers will be able to upgrade to 1.0-Final for free (only shipping will be paid extra). Also, as a launching promotion, and for a limited time only, you can order the Deluxe Edition Special Bundle, where along with Zeta Deluxe Edition 1.0-RC1, you also receive a free Zeta t-shirt. UPDATE: YellowTAB sent us a screenshot of Zeta. Font rendering is much improved since the betas.

yellowTab Goes KHTML

As seen on the yellowTab website: "JavaScriptCore and WebCore are two technologies, ported from Apple's work on KHTML (the engine from Konqueror, a "modern Net+" for Linux's KDE), by YellowTab. These components will allow both developers and users to take advantage of the latest technology available, in their everyday Zeta usage." The article can be found here.