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posted by kaiwai on Sat 27th Jun 2009 03:32
Conversations I'm going to have a piss and moan; what is it with American companies who refuse to sell to international customers. Take Amazon for example, I looked up Windows 7 hoping to pre-order it and get a discount for my parents two computers and this is what I face:

"Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S."

What is it with American business hatred of overseas customers? Isn't our money good enough? are most America business still living in an age where only a handful of countries matter?

It bloody frustrates me when I see businesses with such a myopic vision that they deliberately exclude people from purchasing a product. I don't care whether it is Amazon or Microsoft, which ever the case maybe, its a stupid policy.

What does everyone else think of it? for me, this isn't the first time I've been pissed off with US businesses refusing to ship outside of the US.


posted by kaiwai on Tue 7th Apr 2009 14:07
Conversations Here is a small copy and past from the latest post I did:

I'd like someone to please point out to be where I am trollish - for the sake of humouring me and maybe me actually understanding how this so-called 'moderation' system works. If I do one thing I get marked down, if I do another thing I get marked down, I do a completely different thing and I get marked down. Someone tell me where I am going wrong - if apparently as Thom and Adam claim that I am always wrong and the moderation system is always perfect and without fault.


posted by kaiwai on Thu 16th Oct 2008 00:52
Conversations That does it. I've sent off an email to Thom, and I've officially quit this site. Idiots from top to bottom abusing the moderation system, lack of English comprehension when replying by some members, and worse, a lack of 'balls' to engage in a debate and instead 'fly by night' moderate'. I've had people in the past go, "well, you shouldn't worry too much" - well, I'm not worrying, but I am not going to hang around in a forum filled with idiots who can't hold a decent conversation for more than 5 minutes without resorting to name calling, company bashing and avoiding the issue.

Good bye, and good luck. used to be the haven from the stupidity on Kryo5hin and Slashdot, now it is has decended into nothing more than a pathetic concoction of digg crossed with boingboing. I've had a look at my 'good posts vs. Bad post' and I can tell you that there is a concerted effort over the last 2 weeks by people to moderate my posts down - no matter what I put in them.


posted by kaiwai on Wed 10th Sep 2008 22:06
Conversations This has been a shocking week, I've had a look through the comments, looked at the points deducted - and I don't see a single comment I have made to warrant such moderation. Quite frankly, if this keeps up, I'll be leaving. It is getting as pathetic as digg crossed with slashdot because Adam and the likes don't have the backbone to get rid of these 'drive by moderators' who have multiple sock puppets to avoid the moderation rules.

Adam, provide with a contact so that I can eventually get this account deleted - because you my friend need to wake up and do something about this; this used to be my favourite website to visit, back in the good old days when Eugenia was moderating it. Now it is little more than a pathetic cesspool filled with overly sensitive fanboys.


posted by kaiwai on Wed 14th May 2008 16:40
Conversations I submitted this link:

But it hasn't appeared as a new story, so I thought I might as well post it as a conversation - basically my review of Thinkpad and my experience running OpenSolaris on it. Just a side note, yes, it does run Ubuntu 8.04 very well.


posted by kaiwai on Sat 12th Jan 2008 11:29
Conversations What is it with it? I'm sitting here with my iPod touch, hoping to post a reply, and find that my damn password and login name doesn't work - it claims I need to put my credentials in the fields provided BUT I ALREADY HAVE! come on guys, fix the damn thing up! this is pathetic!