posted by Thom Holwerda on Fri 18th Jul 2008 22:28 UTC, submitted by AdamW
IconLately it's hard to avoid the buzz about these small laptops (sorry, I don't participate in the hype of calling them netbooks or whatever) - the small, cheap laptop systems that were popularized by the Asus Eee PC. Just like Xandros with the Eee, Mandriva is providing the operating system for the upcoming GDium system, produced by Emtec. The first GDium will be a netbook with a 10", 1024x600 resolution display and a battery life of four hours, weighing in at 1.1kg. The device is powered by the (for us) exotic Chinese Loongson processor, which is based on a MIPS design. Mandriva is working together closely with the GDium team to provide an optimal software experience. Available from September 2008, with a price expected to be round and about EUR 400.
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