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My 7 days with Haiku, 5/5

30) Scripture Guide

I installed Scripture Guide with no issues. I could not get Scripture Guide Addon Manager to work; however, I manually installed the books, commentaries, and so forth into their proper places in /boot/home/config/add-ons/scripture-guide. I started Scripture Guide with no problems. The only problem I have with the application is the toolbar. When the title of the book is long, the "Chapter" button is overrun by the "Book" button where I cannot select or change the chapter I am reading. I have to use the navigation option from the Menu bar to change the chapters. Other than that, Scripture Guide works fine.


31) CDPlayer

The CD Player that comes with Haiku recognizes, loads, and seems to play the CD tracts. Unfortunately, it does not produce any real audio for me to hear. With the tools on hand with Haiku, I cannot check to see the device situation or if any communication occurs between the CDPlayer and the SB Live 5.1 card.


For my conclusion, I am well pleased with this release. This release exceeded my initial expectations. For me, it is ready for full-time use since meets most of my needs. I am really happy about the WiFi capabilities. This brings Haiku to a new level.

Once Haiku enters Beta level, I would expect to see many performance enhancements and other interface improvements. I need to get newer hardware and build another system to test Haiku on more modern equipment. I would love to see how Haiku would perform on a quad-core processor system that is built to gaming specifications.

I recommend Haiku Alpha Release 1 for anybody who had any past experience with BeOS or Zeta. So, please download, install, and test Haiku OS. Have fun! I am.

About the author:
I am a long time BeOS and Zeta OS user. I retired from the US military after 24 years. I recently graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with my MBA. My career history marks my experience as an IT professional that specializes in projects associated with system and database administration. I am currently seeking new opportunities.

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