posted by squidgee on Sat 3rd Jan 2004 19:47 UTC
IconWe've all heard about the iPod lawsuits and the recent 15" Powerbook issue, but it's not the only apple related lawsuit brewing. Apple's iBook appears to have a little issue.

In fact, I myself have expierienced it...twice. The issue is with the logicboard on the icebook dual USBs, which causes various failures, including a black display when it is opened past a certain point (had this one; the backlight gives out when you open it past a certain point), harddrive failures, and other display issues, such as the screen being covered in lines (I've got this one right now). A picture of the last issue is available in the videos section of

Both a petition (which currently contains 1315 signatures), and a class action lawsuit are brewing.

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