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Apple At a special press event today, Apple introduced various new products. Besides the usual iPod/iTunes chit-chatter, they introduced a new Mac Mini with either a dual-core or single-core Intel processor. The new Mini sports the same form factor as the old one, and comes with an improved Front Row (support for playing streamed content using Bonjour), TV-out, and more. Note: Thanks go out to iLounge, MacCentral, and Engadget for providing live feeds.
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a little pricey IMO
by ZaNkY on Tue 28th Feb 2006 19:13 UTC
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Too expensive IMO. The whole Mac Mini is a neat idea, but at that price.... yeah.

Hopefully the prices come down.

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RE: a little pricey IMO
by Tom K on Tue 28th Feb 2006 19:19 in reply to "a little pricey IMO"
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It's only $100 more than the PPC Mac Mini -- and worth it IMO, because you get the standard Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0, Apple Remote, and much faster processor.

The graphics card blows goats, though. Freaking integrated shared Intel crap ... gah.

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RE[2]: a little pricey IMO
by Get a Life on Tue 28th Feb 2006 19:50 in reply to "RE: a little pricey IMO"
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The Radeon 9200 in the PPC Mini blew goats, too. This is pretty much the Mini I wanted when they released the first Mini, except with Yonah in place of a previous version of the Pentium M and a slightly crappier video option. I consider the option of getting a Core Duo to be a nice bonus, since I suspected there would only be a choice of Core Solo processors to make the iMac more attractive.

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