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FreeBSD The latest issue of the FreeBSD newsletter contains a letter from the Vice President of the FreeBSD Foundation about the GPLv3. "On June 29th, the Free Software Foundation unveiled version 3 of the GNU General Public license. Even though the majority of software included in the FreeBSD distribution is not covered by any version of the GPL, our community cannot ignore this very popular license or its most recent incarnation. Through extremely successful evangelization, and the popularity of Linux, the misconception that OpenSource and the GPL are synonymous has become pervasive."
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It's all about business...
by magick on Fri 31st Aug 2007 22:34 UTC
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Since any successful GPL and BSD project is inherently supported by corporate business donations, both communities strive to protect their ecosystems, namely bread winner.

The bottom line is, the industry should make an agreement on several collaboration models. One could be in BSD style, much like open standards that everyone could utilize without any refunds or obligations, and the other would be in GPL style - cumulative work. Maybe we could even have a combination of the two, so you could make a proprietary (closed) product using "open" technology by paying indemnity to open-source consortium/foundation.

That would be a healthy way of developing technology, which is pretty much what we have today and even what we 50 years ago, in a sense. So basically we should settle on what will be a common good (like classical music), what could be used with appropriate crediting and what requires giving something back (work or money).

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