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Gnome The Gnome Project released version 2.12 yesterday. We had a quick look at it by using the latest Gnome Live CD (1.12-pre) and Foresight 0.9.0 (2.12 final) and here are our thoughts over 2.12 and Gnome's status in general.
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RE[7]: Menu editor...
by unoengborg on Fri 9th Sep 2005 23:02 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Menu editor..."
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No he doesn't. I am a user and I don't, so who are you to tell me I want ? The fact is you don't know what the user want, a gnome app exists to overcome this problem, but you want to modify the base platform because that suits you better. But clearly, you are not an ordinary user. Every ordinary user I saw avoid the menu as much as they can, and use icons on their desktop or on the panel. Power users know how to install smeg.

Sure, power users know how to install smeg, and ordinary users know how to use it. So clearly there is no problem making smeg the default application or adding the missing functionality to the existing lame version. Just saying that the functionality of SMEG wouldn't be needed if all applications followed the standard isn't good enough.

What about legacy applications, that was written before any menu standards was written. Users and sysadmins will need to add such applications to the gnome menu and a menu editor program should cater for that. A sysadmin may also want to change the order of the menu item is such that the most frequently used applications in the organization requires the least mouse movement to start.

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