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Windows "Windows Vista didn't make a smooth market entrance; in fact, nearly every aspect of the operating system has been attacked since its release on January 30, 2007. Multiple SKUs allegedly confused customers, anti-DRM groups disliked Vista's Protected Video Path and its overall DRM friendliness, and Microsoft's definition of 'Vista Capable' got the company sued. Toss in a plethora of bugs and the usual consumer backlash over GUI changes, and you'd think consumers would be avoiding Vista in droves. According to new information, however, they aren't - Vista's adoption rate over the past year actually exceeded XP's in 2001, and consumers apparently choose Vista over XP by a 7:1 margin."
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RE: *sad face*
by Snifflez on Tue 8th Jan 2008 05:17 UTC in reply to "*sad face*"
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You've actually _used_ Vista -- as in, say, for the past seven months, at least five days out of seven? No? Then, of course, you "sure as heck didn't experience half the problems" some of us had run into.

Let me enlighten you, my ignorant friend: Vista, when being used _regularly_, is a convoluted mess. Ever tried to set up a different WEP key for your wireless card -- tell me, how many screens does it take vs. how easy that used to be in XP? Or, how about trying to make _all_ your folders behave exactly the same, even if all you want is contents being sorted by file type, _consistently_, everywhere, regardless of the folder's contents? And what about splitting the good old Display Properties dialog into 10 different pieces -- why was that necessary? What about the consistent, across-the-board hiding of advanced features from us, power users?

Open your eyes, pal: this is not some oh, so convenient for you and your ilk "Vista bashing" -- no, for the most part, this is valid criticism of the operating system in question. Vista is a mess. Abandon your over-rated Mac and try to use Vista daily instead -- for about 6 months, just like the rest of us forced to adapt to that piece of donkey crap. Let's see what you have to say then.

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RE[2]: *sad face*
by kaiwai on Tue 8th Jan 2008 06:09 in reply to "RE: *sad face*"
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1) Regarding wireless, I clicked on the network, clicked on connect, it requested the key, in my case it was a WPA key - I don't risk my network with shoddy encryption, and voila, I was all on and connected. It was as easy as with OpenSolaris with Network Magic enabled.

2) You chose to purchase a Windows machine. Bill Gates didn't swing through the window one day and forced you to purchase it. You could have easily bought a Mac or even a laptop, removed Windows then loaded on a *NIX or *BSD of your choice - but you didn't.

You chose to go off, purchase a PC loaded with Windows Vista, and now you're here whinging, whining and complaining knowing full well that you are the maker of your own personal hell.

3) Like I said, I purchased a PC laptop with Windows Vista, wasn't happy with it, so I changed to a Mac. No fan fare required. No zealot post on my blog, no spamming of, no screaming and whinging. I just did it.

4) I never said that it had no problems - you're in desperate need a comprehension class, along with half the users here. I said that I never had half the problems people claimed. So yes, amazing enough, when you half something, you still have stuff left! imagine that!

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RE[3]: *sad face*
by cmost on Tue 8th Jan 2008 16:01 in reply to "RE[2]: *sad face*"
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As to your point number 2.) Um, there really isn't a choice when you have to uninstall the stock operating system and then install (and completely configure) your OS of choice and all of its associated applications yourself. How many lay people can really do this themselves? The fact of the matter is that Microsoft has indeed forced its operating system onto all PC's (unless they're produced by obscure white box manufacturers, ala the Wal-Mart gOS PC or otherwise sans OS.) They've managed this from early and ongoing licensing deals in which they promise OEM's dirt cheap OS pricing in exchange for exclusivity. On top of this, they practically give away their OS to schools and businesses because they know if people train on their OS they will likely end up use their OS at home (at a higher consumer price) because its all they know. When I can walk into an electronics store and purchase a PC with any OS I choose (i.e., Linux, UNIX, Solaris, etc.) then I will truly have a choice. Furthermore, when a Mac is the same price as the comparably equipped PC, then maybe your fuzzy logic about simply choosing Mac will make sense. Otherwise, you're trying to compare Apples to oranges (or in the case of Vista, to lemons.)

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