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Window Managers dwm 4.8 has been released. "dwm is a dynamic window manager for X. It manages windows in tiled and floating layouts. Either layout can be applied dynamically, optimizing the environment for the application in use and the task performed."
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As a DWM user
by holywood on Fri 14th Mar 2008 13:28 UTC
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I like using DWM with small screen (12", 1024px*768px) like on my Thinkpad X31. I'm not always switching hands between keyboard and mouse moving windows.

I give you, i wouldn't recommend dwm to a newbie.

If you want effects, Awesome is a rewrite of dwm using compositing ;)

(English isn't my main language, sorry!)

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RE: As a DWM user
by helf on Fri 14th Mar 2008 14:16 in reply to "As a DWM user"
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stop apologizing! Your English is NOT that bad. I hate it when people always apologize for not speaking language perfectly. You are doing better than me, I barely know English, much less a foreign language ;)

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