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Mozilla & Gecko clones With the recent surge in WebKit adoption, many have stated to question the usefulness of Mozilla's Gecko browsing engine, claiming that WebKit is far superior. Some even go as far as saying that Firefox should ditch Gecko in favour of WebKit. Ars Technica's Ryan Paul explains why that is utter, utter bogus. "From a technical perspective, Gecko is now very solid and no longer lags behind WebKit. A testament to the rate at which Gecko has been improving is its newfound viability in the mobile space, where it was practically considered a nonstarter not too long ago. Mozilla clearly has the resources, developer expertise, and community support to take Gecko anywhere that WebKit can go."
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1. I have not heard anyone who tried Chrome say that they liked Firefox better. Most say they like Chrome better.
Uh? There were many who said that they won't give up their precious FF extensions.

[ And no, I'm not a Firefox fanboy, I've already switched to Opera and will probably switch to Chrome ]

3. The vast majority of Mozilla Corps millions in funding comes from... Google. (That's gotta be terrifying for them.)
For those reasons and more, I do think that Chrome is going to annihilate Firefox in the coming months.
Google just renewed their support agreement with Mozilla corporation for several *years* a few days before releasing Chrome (I think that the timing was intentional), nearly every article about Chrome repeated this point..
So Firefox has nothing to fear in the next few month.

As for Chrome it still needs some polish (bookmark manager, multilanguage spellchecker, page zoom, etc), and I hope it'll get it: the more competition, the better for us!
And betting on a winner now is absurd: Google could drop Chrome tomorrw, Firefox could be modified to have a decent architecture, etc.

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