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Linux Even though there are a lot of happy people using Apple's iPhone very happily, there's also a group of people who are not so happy, most likely because of Apple's rather strict policies regarding applications and developers. While most of these people would just jailbreak the thing, some take it a step further - by installing another operating system. Yes, Linux now runs on the iPhone (1st gen/2nd gen, and the 1st gen iPod Touch).
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RE[2]: Graphics
by cyclops on Mon 1st Dec 2008 23:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Graphics"
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The graphics ship in the iphone should be supported since I think there are other Linux phones which use thesame chipset that are already supported. The G1 I think uses the same chipset if not a more advanced one. Don't quote me on that though. The PS3 and Xbox are totally different since the chipset is by nVidia and they aren't planning to release non-binary drivers to any of their hardware anytime soon(or ever). Linux on the PS3 does support Cell though and that can be used as a GPU in its own right.

Absolutely ,but its not the same now as the world then. There are not at least 2 phone stacks that I can think of that are functional. Its not like Nvidia graphics haven't now been somewhat reverse engineered. It is a pity its not an AMD chipset, Linux has an awful lot more developers now than it has then. Its not even the same sort of device. As for the PS3 stuff...Its complicated although it does really need a TV-Tuner built in which is only a matter of time.

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