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OSNews, Generic OSes Consider the following a little Christmas gift. Some of you may have already noticed, but for a few months already OSNews has seen a shift in content. Not necessarily in the subjects we cover, but more in the way we present our news. We've experimented for long enough now - we have settled on a definitive change in our content type. Read on for the details.
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RE[6]: Regular posts
by joshv on Sat 27th Dec 2008 16:46 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Regular posts"
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No, it's not a clear article.

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RE[7]: Regular posts
by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 27th Dec 2008 16:48 in reply to "RE[6]: Regular posts"
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Well, nobody else seems to be having any problems. I'm sorry, but the article is crystal clear, and i'm not going to pull everything out of context just because you are having trouble reading.

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RE[8]: Regular posts
by joshv on Sat 27th Dec 2008 19:56 in reply to "RE[7]: Regular posts"
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Thom, sorry, this is a meandering post with no clear structure which does poor job of actually conveying the nature of whatever changes have taken place - let me demonstrate:

First para - introduction. Nothing specific said about changes made. But read on for specifics.

Para 2 - Page 2 is here (never mind the fact that there's no link to it anywhere I can see). Talk about the fuzzy criteria for page 2 - gut feeling - but this has changed - more about that later.

Para 3 - "long items" - of which this paragraph appears to be an example. Something about input/output posted on the "crew mailing list". No idea what the crew mailing list is. No idea how longer items are a new/novel feature.

Para 4-6 - History of "my take" - much hated. Extended exegesis on "neutrality" which manages not to convey much about your actual position other than an insider post from the crew mailing list.

Para 7 - Wow - a real feature. Links in the summary. Hosanna. Welcome to 1999 Slashdot. But of course you feel the need to qualify this and divert into a non-sequiter about pompous/clever headlines.

Para 8 - Finally back to page 2. 200 words to say short items go to page 2. So I have to read to the middle of the darned post, and then consume 200 words of fluff to learn about probably the biggest major change. But then again, I still can't find a link to page 2.

Para 9 - More talk about Page 2 criteria.

Paras 10-13 - OS news is not Thom's blog, need for more editors/writers This apparently requires 4 paragraphs of exposition.

Para 14 - What you can do to help - write longer submissions.

Para 15 - Merry xmas.

Para 16 - Please provide constructive commentary.

So let me summarize the changes for those who didn't take the time to wade through your 16 paragraphs of dense prose:

1. Main page will concentrate on longer summary articles.
2. OSNews is trying to grow the writer/editorial staff to support #1.
3. Shorter items will be moved to the mysterious page 2 (which I can't seem to find).
4. Links will always appear in summaries.
5. You can help with #1 by submitting longer/meatier summaries.

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