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Windows A little earlier than expected, Microsoft has already released the Windows 7 release candidate to the general public. The Redmond company had already put the RC up for download on TechNet and MSDN, but from now on, everyone can download it. I've already updated all my Windows machines to the RC, so let's take a quick look at what I found. Note: The Windows XP Mode beta is also set to arrive today, but has not yet been made available. We'll update this item accordingly once it's released. Update: The Windows XP Mode beta is also available. Get it now!
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It's an linux desktop!

Are you sure? Maybe it is OpenBSD with KDE 3.something?

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OpenBSD? I haven't heard of that distro before. Is it Ubuntu-based?

I think its to illustrate that it can run other operating systems and to pre-empt the misconception that it is an MS-only party.

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OpenBSD? I haven't heard of that distro before. Is it Ubuntu-based?

No, OpenBSD has very little to do with Linux. It's related to the other BSDs out there, FreeBSD and NetBSD, and they are all derived from AT&T Unix. More info:

Ubuntu and all other Linux distributions are based on the Linux kernel developed by Linus Torvalds and the GNU user tools originally developed by Richard Stallman. GNU/Linux, as it is properly called, has no Unix code whatsoever in the source.

So to sum up, OpenBSD is similar to Linux, both being open source alternatives to Unix, but they are not otherwise connected.

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It is Xandros, you can see it by the menu button.

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