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Intel The Intel Developer Forum is currently in full swing, but it kicked off with a speech by Intel CEO Paul Otellini. Well, there's bad news for those of us who long for a time where lots of different architectures compete with one another, ensuring that technology is moved forward. Otellini's plans for Intel basically come down to one thing: x86 everywhere.
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RE: Comment by Jondice
by nt_jerkface on Wed 23rd Sep 2009 05:05 UTC in reply to "Comment by Jondice"
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You are looking to support non-X86 cpus by buying devices that use them? Well you could start with a game console.

Anyways the best comment I heard about x86 was that it is like eating sausage. It tastes fine as long as you don't think about what goes into it.

Apple gave the ppc a good run, and cell phones will continue to push non-x86 development. Who the hell cares if x86 takes over more of the world. It's just sausage.

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