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Fedora Core Well, what do we have here? It turns out that Ubuntu isn't the only Linux distribution who took a left turn off the highway, now driving on a road that will eventually lead to replacing with Wayland. Fedora's 'graphics cabal', as they call themselves, have explained themselves on Fedora's devel mailing list. They also explain how network transparency can be added to Wayland in a number of different ways, making the mailing list thread intriguing reading material. Also, everybody happy with the headline? No panties in twists this time around...?
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RE[7]: Not shocking
by airlied on Sun 14th Nov 2010 06:10 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Not shocking"
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[citation needed]

/me wonders which full-time X developers did this.

In this case you haven't seen shit, you are talking about not just one X developer, you are talking about the main contributors to X development. The people who realised we needed to change years ago, instigated projects like KMS and GEM/TTM drivers, in order to create an alternative to the X stack in the future.

We aren't mouthpieces like spaceboy, we are the people in the trenches, we just don't come out spewing unrealistic timelines, wayland is in the future, but when the future becomes current is anyones guess.

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