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Mac OS X Well, it took them long enough. Apple has finally acknowledged the existence of the MAC Defender trojan, and has offered removal instructions. The company has also promised a security update to Mac OS X that will block MAC Defender and its variants from working. All this information was published in the form of a support document on Apple's website. Update: Well, that was fast. A new variant of the trojan, called Mac Guard, has been discovered. Unlike previous variants, this one does not require users to enter their administrative password.
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RE: Countdown to Linux Virii
by MOS6510 on Thu 26th May 2011 09:48 UTC in reply to "Countdown to Linux Virii"
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I believe the total percentage of desktop Linux users is just below 1% and that 1% is divided over one million different distributions. Although I think most users will have Ubuntu installed (and even that is probably divided over X number of versions 'n' variants).

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