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Apple So, yeah, uhm, I bought an iPad 2 today. I still don't think anyone really needs a tablet, but that doesn't mean I didn't want one. I wanted to wait until the HP TouchPad was announced, but now that it has, it seems it won't be coming to The Netherlands any time soon. As such, the iPad 2 it was. A few quick fist impressions.
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even the ipad 1 is snappier than most
by fasteez on Fri 10th Jun 2011 22:05 UTC
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A friend and i saw the Motorola Xoom featuring android 3, packing a good tegra2 with a fresh os release .. it was so far beyond the ipad 1 it wasn't even funny. My friend, a fairly big Apple opponent was all sigh since there was no comparison possible at all. The bestest android was still laggy around the edges, felt like a geeky tech demo with no soul or system wide vision. While the ipad released endorphin through your brain with the right amount of excellency in graphic stack / framework combination, aiming the nicest touch/visual response I've seen. Browsing between documents, rotation of the layout .. everything felt in place. Thinking of the other lower quality tablets and the not available dual core ipad 2 left a weird smile on my face.

p.s : Even thought it's still a large amount of money, I can't stop thinking about replacing the acer netbook I got my mother with an iPad, I'd bet 100$ she'd be happier, less anxious, more productive 'computing' user than ever

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Motorola Xoom is not the "bestest" Android in terms of *UI* speed: the Samsung Galaxy S-II or the Nexus S, or that new LG phone are (according to various benchmarks online). So while in the iOS world you need a tablet to get the best performance out of the OS (since in a tablet Apple can simply pack "more" of the same kind of hardware found on iPhone/iPod), the same is not necessarily true in the Android world. Different Android phones/tablets use so many different chipsets and UIs (and some of these chips are better in 3D rather than in 2D, or the other way around), that not all Android devices perform equally. So don't generalize please.

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Motorola Xoom is not the "bestest" Android in terms of *UI* speed

IMHO UI speed is a useless measure. I own an iPad2 and I'm really glad that there are so many iPad apps (i. e. Apps that are written for a tablet form factor, not just scaled up iPhone apps). This makes all the difference when it come to "speed" that really matters (= usability). So I couldn't care less that there are "faster" phones (there are also faster desktops - who cares when talking about tables).

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Addendum: And then there is such a thing as battery life, you known. I guess it's no problem to have a faster tablet, but having a faster one that also has longer battery life? Well ..

We've all seen the MHZ war in the PC era and even Intel has come to senses in the meantime.

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True... The problem i have with android tablets/phones is every week a NEWER BETTER one comes out so i keep delaying my purchase lol. Right now im waiting for the galaxy s2 best phone ever hands down (even the apple fan boys over at engadget had to admit it!)To replace my phone and am eying the galaxy tab 10.1 as my first tablet. And for those who are worried about regular vs tablet apps there are plenty of apps designed specifically for the tablet but in any case icecream sandwich will fix everything ;)

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I'll second that. When I upgraded from the Motorola Cliq to the HTC MyTouch 4G, it was like stepping through a portal into a new dimension.

Okay, maybe not quite that shocking, but it was virtually night and day. Now I understand why people like Android so much! I found that I hated the OS because of the sluggish, buggy, piece of shit hardware it was running on before. Now that I have a device that has virtually no lag, a capacitive screen that actually registers taps and swipes consistently, and a battery that lasts more than four hours with light use, I really like Android. I've played with an iPhone 4 and while it was very nice, I actually prefer the MyTouch, to my own surprise.

In fact I'd say the only thing about the Cliq I miss is the excellent hardware keyboard, and while Swype isn't the best alternative I also now have Bluetooth HID support, so I can add a chatpad if I want.

So yes, in the Android world the user experience is almost completely tied to the quality of the hardware, with the OS version a distant second factor. Do your research folks, and you'll end up with a satisfying device.

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All the hardware in the world wouldn't make an Android better before it actually starts using it. Both Apple and Microsoft are using retained graphics model while Android still relies on an ancient immediate graphics model.

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my MacBook Air looks and feels just as sturdy as the iPad 2, but its SSD died within two weeks, and the left side of the display discoloured within a few months

This is frightening, especially given the fact that it's from Apple, and given the high price tag.

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This is frightening, especially given the fact that it's from Apple, and given the high price tag.

Whilst the screen discolouration is definitely not good, SSD failure isn't that unusual.

I know ssds are supposed to be more reliable than hard drives but (anecdotally) ssds seem to fail quite easily these days.

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FTA:This is frightening, especially given the fact that it's from Apple, and given the high price tag.

Apple has to buy from the same companies that supply to Windows consumers (many so cheap that they'd crap their pants than use a pay toilet.) If it wasn't for the cheaper-is-better mentality throughout the PC world, you'd have chip fabs and display manufacturers creating more reliable products for Apple to use.

I've been an engineer for over 30 years. When I got into the field, a decent personal computer cost about as much as an economy car. Now a bunch of know-nothing consumers have driven down quality with their refusal to buy any computer that costs more than a mediocre bicycle.

Those parts of Apple products that are designed by Apple and exclusive to Apple are usually of the highest quality. Just look at a Mac Pro case. Pop the latch on the back and open side cover. The manufacturing precision and tolerances are enough to get anyone with mechanical engineering/manufacturing expertise to get weak in the knees.

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