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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Sorry for the delay in writing a story about this, but here we finally are: Nokia's MeeGo (or Maemo or whatever it's called this hour) is getting its successor. Yes, MeeGo, the short-lived but beloved platform running on the unicorn phone, the Nokia N9, will continue onwards in a slightly different form. Its new home? Jolla - a company formed by former Nokia chief operating officer Marc Dillon, who was the principal engineer for MeeGo/Maemo at Nokia since 2006.
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Because no one has made XMPP easy and consumable. Sure, you can go on into a multi comment rant about how it in theory can be easy, but no one has done it, packaged it up, and put it on an app store.

That's the difference between these theoretical innovations everyone goes on about, and people like WhatsApp actually going out and solving problems.

XMPP is almost a textbook example of having confusing branding. No one understands that shit, and anyone I've ever seen explain it does a terrible job at it.

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Really those people who have no clue about what is a browser ( don't care about branding. They just want a good service. There are good XMPP clients. But the question was addressed to those who create walled garden networks (like Whatsapp) with inflexible clients and no federation. Why aren't they using federated XMPP for their offerings? XMPP is a protocol, not a client or server. Those who create real services (and run IM servers) can create clients using it. Yet at this day and age they don't and push the braindead walled garden approach again and again.

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Well decentralized messaging isn't a new or interesting problem, yet XMPP manages to take it and make it insanely confusing.

Just because XMPP is a standard, doesn't mean its a very good one. I'm all for the ideals XMPP supports, but its just not something I'd even consider wasting time with were I in charge of such things.

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Google Talk uses XMPP. WhatsApp uses XMPP. Idiot.

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Google Talk uses XMPP

It uses federated and standard XMPP and works with any XMPP complaint client. Allows you to communicate with any user from other federated XMPP servers. Bingo, that's what's expected from decent IM service.

WhatsApp uses XMPP

Doesn't use standard XMPP, doesn't work with any XMPP complaint client, not federated. Doesn't allow you to communicate with anyone except for users from Whatsapp. Who cares what they use inside, if their external communication is not compatible with anything. The result is a walled garden and proprietary network.

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Because no one has made XMPP easy and consumable.

Google Talk.

It's right there on every Android phone and every N9 too. Probably others.

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