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Amiga & AROS

Many were waiting for the day when new and strong Amiga(One) will appear. That happened now. Currently, the X5000 can be purchased with the dual-core processor. In the future, a more powerful machine will be available. Is it worth buying the current model or wait for a four-core version?

A look at the new X5000. Note that the author is Polish (I think), and English isn't her or his first language.

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RE[5]: "The World Beyond x86"
by p13. on Sat 22nd Apr 2017 15:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: "The World Beyond x86""
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Guy edited his comments twice, turning them around 180 degrees.

One was a reply to me "semantics much"?

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RE[6]: "The World Beyond x86"
by leech on Sat 22nd Apr 2017 18:39 in reply to "RE[5]: "The World Beyond x86""
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I'd like to see benchmarks between the processor in the x5000 and a G5. Isn't the PPC in the x5000 supposed to be a lot faster? I got a G5 iMac from someone, but don't know what to do with it because I hate OS X, and I already have a far more powerful system with Linux on it, and it has an nVidia chip in it, so can't use morphos either...

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