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In November last year I wrote about the forgotten and obscure feature of early Windows 95 builds that lets you run Windows 3.1 in a window on Windows 95. Since then I was wondering if this would still work on the final build (950) of Windows 95, considering so much has changed since build 58s.

I won't spoil it.

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As others have mentioned it....
by brostenen on Tue 6th Feb 2018 09:31 UTC
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I too ran Win 3.11 productivity software on my Os/2 dx2-66 machine with 8mb of ram, back in 1995/96. Wich was Microsoft office 4.2 and it ran well with that complete Win-3.11 installation under the hood.

When I think hard, there was something about 3.11 on 95 back then. Never got the time to use that feature, and as Os/2 died slowly, I switched to Windows98 in early 1999.

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I installed OS/2 Warp (via floppy disks) on my 486dx4 133 MHz system with 8? 16? MB of RAM back in university. Unfortunately, it had a WinModem installed and couldn't connect to the Internet via dial-up. ;)

But, it included Win-OS/2, and there were Win 3.x drivers for the modem. ;) Once it was connected via Windows, the OS/2 apps could surf the web/gopher/IRC/chat. ;)

Eventually got Win98SE running on that system as there wasn't much in the way of useful OS/2 software. But it was fun playing around with it while it lasted.

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True... Shure there were the standard text editor and spreadsheet, that were on the bonus pack. They were usefull to an extent. I did not have my machine on the internet untill around 2001. It was on a new machine that I had gotten at that time. So I ran Win98 untill I could get WinXP. I got it when SP2 were released, and ran it untill Win7. Then I switched to Linux in 2016 for good. Yeah... Os/2 was a pretty good operating system, and I really enjoyed using it. Programs were, as you mention it, a big drawback. Yet it was the best operating system during that time period. Again... It failed due to a bad software catalog. If only..... If only just.

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