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Apple Think Secret has details about updates to the Mac Mini and iBook, said to be going to be announced later this week.
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RE: re: Regarding very slow PPC
by pravda on Mon 25th Jul 2005 20:31 UTC in reply to "re: Regarding very slow PPC"
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Mac mini with 256MB is dog slow as soon as you open a few web tabs/pages.

Even with 1GB, the mini slows down from time to time. It is a whole level of performance above 256MB though.

It is a shame Apple didn't put two DIMM slots in the mini. 2GB is just about right for most modern operating systems. I've got 2GB for Linux, 2GB for XP, and 3GB for Windows 2000. The mini at 1GB is a bit slower and swaps more often. The processor lags a bit compared to Intel as well.

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Rodrigo Member since:

> I've got 2GB for Linux, 2GB for XP, and 3GB for Windows 2000

I bet that if I removed 1GB of each and didn't tell you, you wouldn't note the difference.

2Gb to run Linux is not "about right" for Joe User, it's way too much.

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Tuishimi Member since:

Errrr... no.

I do run the mini at 1GB. Started with 512 and noted the swapping. Haven't had that problem since. I also upgraded the internal HD to a faster drive and that cures a lot of ills as well.

My 1.42 mini has been just as responsive as my dual 1.25 G4 tower. Lovin' it! But, being a nerd, I have already set aside $$ to buy a MacTel version as soon as they come out!! ;)

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