Apple Aims to Boost Bandwidth with 1.5 GHz G4s

Recent word from sources close to Motorola confirm that a significant speed bump will be timed for MacWorld Expo in July, raising current bus speeds, and seeing new 7470-based G4s raise frequencies to as high as 1.5Ghz. […] What of the G5? That’s still on course for volume production early next year, in the form of what’s codenamed the 7500. Public Motorola roadmaps describe this as a processor that conforms to the e500 Book E G5 spec, and it’s been rated stable at 2.4GHz internally at Motorola. But to get a handle on this it’s worth paying attention to the internals, as this indicates an important rethink in the Megahertz wars.” Read the report at TheRegister.


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