Overview of Series 60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1

Nokia rebranded its ‘Series 60’ platform as simply S60. They also released an overview of the 3rd edition Feature Pack 1 of the Nokia UI for the Symbian-based S60, with a new security framework and built-in content protection improve developer investment protection, while still enabling freeware applications. FOTA enables software upgrades to be performed over the air, initiated by either the user or operator. POC brings “walkie-talkie” functionality to mobile devices without the limitation of distance. There are also enhancements to the XHTML browser, a flexible XML based framework for UI customization, stronger multimedia features and improvements in performance. Elsewhere, Palm’s CEO says that Palm won’t use Symbian because “Nokia owns Symbian”, while he claimed that the Palmsource spin off from Palm was a mistake.


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