With the Pixel 8 series, there is now a clear divide between Google’s Android and Google Pixel

This is a big shift from the Google of old. People in this industry talk, even when they work for the companies that make these products. Previously, Google was very cautious about doing anything that would create a rift between itself and all the vendors that made Android what it is today. Very little was held back because Google needed to keep Samsung happy, and Samsung wouldn’t be happy if a cool new Android thing didn’t work on the next Galaxy phone.

Now Google is building all these cool things but calling them Pixel features. Features that will probably never come to a Galaxy phone or any other brand of phone. And it’s building the hardware to make them even better and to unleash even cooler things in the future. Things that are Pixel features. Things that will never be on a Galaxy phone.

You can’t even really call Android an open source mobile operating system anymore at this point, and it seems the latest few Pixels are really starting to drive the point home that for Google, Android is not really their mobile brand anymore – it’s Pixel. We’ll see how far they’re willing to take this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve barely even started.

What’s the life expectancy of AOSP?


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