Embedding the Servo web engine in Qt

I’ve been talking about Servo, the Rust browser engine project originally started at Mozilla, for a while now, and while the project’s still got a long way to go, it’s definitely a serious contender to become a competitive browser engine in the future. It seems it’s starting to get some traction already, as The KDAB Group is working on bringing Servo to Qt.

At KDAB we managed to embed the Servo web engine inside Qt, by using our CXX-Qt library as a bridge between Rust and C++. This means that we can now use Servo as an alternative to Chromium for webviews in Qt applications.

↫ Andrew Hayzen and Magnus Groß

They’re already showing off a basic QML application rendering websites using Servo, which is pretty cool. It goes to show that Servo can definitely eventually fulfill the role that Chromium, WebKit, and Gecko fulfill now.

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