QEmu Ported to Syllable Desktop

QEmu has been eluding its port to Syllable Desktop, but the Syllable team has gotten this emulator to work now. The port is based on earlier work on QEmu itself and on a number of improvements that are being made to Syllable Desktop. The coming Syllable development builds will have improved support for POSIX threads, timers and async I/O. The newest QEmu version 0.9.1 runs now, although there is still a problem with SDL that prevents the keyboard from working. There is already a binary package of QEmu 0.9.1 for Syllable Server in the downloads section. Other recent ports to Syllable Desktop include LibPurple and Finch, the text mode client of Pidgin (the former GAIM instant messaging application) and the latest version of SaMBa, 3.0.28.