Syllable Gets GRUB 2, PHP 5

An outside contributor to Syllable going under the name Bean has rewritten the AFS filesystem driver for GRUB 2. The original driver was for GRUB 1 and was derived from the full AFS driver. This meant that the copyright could not be reassigned to the FSF, so the GRUB project didn’t want to integrate the code. The new driver is much smaller and looks like it will be integrated into GRUB, so Syllable will have a new boot loader and maintenance will become much easier. Before that happens, though, more porting work needs to be done on GRUB 2 to integrate it in the build process and installer. Eventually, this will lead to EFI support and support by other operating systems to boot Syllable.
Here is a separate test CD that is capable of booting an existing Syllable installation on disk.
In addition, Ruwen Boehm got the newest version of PHP to work, so for the first time since AtheOS times there is a new PHP port. A binary package for version 5.2.5 is now available for download.


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