First WoASE Show Reports and Highlights

The KickStart Amiga User Group and John Chandler are the first to write their show reports. Update: The Show Audio Files are now available.Visitors seem to have had a great time, some additional pictures can be found here: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Show highlights:

1) The most remarkable news announced at the show was that Microsoft has become an AmigaDE software distributer. Amiga Anywhere Games Pocket Paks will start to be sold around the Thanksgiving holidays, through several resellers in the US and in England, including CompUSA and mmO2 in England.

Amiga will also make available Amiga SmartPhone Packs this upcoming Christmas. These will run with Sendo’s new Z100 smartphones as well as Orange’s new smartphones.

2) Final AmigaOne motherboards were being demonstrated, including demonstrations of ExecSG, the new PPC AmigaOS kernel. Among other features, Multitasking and Virtual Memory support were being demonstrated. Several other AmigaOS4 components were being demonstrated, running on classic hardware. A more integrated AmigaOS4 demonstration is planned for upcoming Saturday, 9 November at an Amiga show to be held in Ottawa, Canada.

With regard to performance, AmigaOS4 measures very good context switching times, only 4 microseconds on an entry level AmigaOne board (and 40 microseconds on classic Amiga Blizzard PPC accelator cards). For comparison, MacOS X has context switch times of 400 microseconds on similar specced hardware. Hans-Joerg Frieden also stated on ANN: “Roundtrip times wary with bus frequency and CPU. There’s a 6 us time for 100 FSB/450 Mhz 750CXe, 4 us for 133/600 Mhz.

3) Thendic and bPlan had brought along many Pegasos systems running MorphOS. Alot of people were interested to try these new computers. Various visitors reported that boot-up speeds have even been reduced to only 2 seconds, but overall the system still suffers many instability issues. Here’s a nice show picture of an Apple Titanium PowerBook and MicroWave 😉 running MorphOS. A Pegasos focussed Amiga show is planned for the 16th of November in Poland.

Many interesting things are happening within the Amiga market. The main Amiga event this year will be big German Amiga Fair, which will take place on December 7th and 8th, 2002 at the Eurogress Aachen, Germany.


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