The good and bad of Samsung’s One UI interface

One UI will initially be rolled out as a beta for users later this month, and in January 2019, will officially make its way to all Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9 devices.

What we’ve seen of One UI so far looks quite promising, but it’s also not without its faults. Here’s both the good and bad that you can look forward to when the update lands on your phone.

One UI is Samsung’s new TouchWiz, and it’s kind of hilarious. For a number of applications, Samsung decided to put all the content on the bottom half of the screen, while reserving the top half for just one header (like “Settings” or “Messages”). Basically, you have a huge screen and a tall display, only for literally half of it to be taken up by a massive single-word header.

Okay Samsung. Okay.


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