Write a Development Article, Win a Free ‘Aspire Swatter 2004’ Copy

Are you a Java or a .NET/Mono/Portable.NET developer? Then you might be interested in this competition that could help you win a prize that’s worth over $3000 US.

Regarding the Competition

Basically, all you need to do is write a development/tutorial article that is more or less in accordance with our article guidelines and email it to us. It can be any kind of development article (including tutorials) for any programming language. The reason we ask for development articles in particular is because this prize will mostly benefit developers (and teams of developers as it is multi-user and it comes with a 25-seat license and full support for it).

Some additional notes:

  • If you are not a native english speaker don’t worry too much, we can have it proofread.

  • You can send more than one articles.

  • OSNews reserves the right to publish or to not publish the articles submitted. Before publication some editing might occur for content and clarity (this later editing has no effect in the actual competition).

  • The articles should be original articles, not published anywhere elsewhere.

  • Extra “points” for editors submitting subjects that we haven’t posted so far

  • Any articles that exhibit this text-formatting problem seen here will NOT be elligible for the prize.

  • Again, please make sure you read our article guidelines before submitting, because all the rest “competition rules” are described there.

  • You have a bit less than a week to finish up your article and send it over to us in order to be elligible for the prize. Last day of accepting entries will be the 11:45 PM of 11th of April 2004 (Pacific time). Of course, you can always submit your article for publication on a later date if you are not interested in the competition.

    We will receive the article submissions and our team of editors will pick the most interesting/well-written/original one. The winner will be announced at the beginning of next week. The prize is electronically shipped.

    About the prize: Swatter 2004 r1 Enterprise Edition

    The prize is Aspire Swatter 2004 release 1 Enterprise Edition with one server included. Aspire will offer up to 25 client licenses to access the server. The total package is worth over $3000 US!

    Aspire is serious about providing superior software quality management for enterprise software development projects. In early 2004 we released a brand new industrial strength software defect tracking system to push quality assurance to the next level of effectiveness.

    Swatter 2004 r1 Enterprise Edition handles a wide variety of development scenarios from small to large development projects. Swatter provides a number of powerful features such as collaborative real-time data and reports, powerful searching, automated team notifications, incident report interactions tracking, and statistical analyzation of your data to quickly understand many aspects of your quality operation. Swatter allows users to collaborate across your local network or provides secured distribution for
    geographically dispersed teams working over the Internet.

    Please visit Aspire to download a trial and learn more about Aspire Swatter 2004 Enterprise Edition.

    Disclaimer OSNews just hosts the competition, it is not responsible for the product won.


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