‘Mandriva Linux 2010 Alpha 1 Available for Download’

"Mandriva Linux 2010 Alpha 1 is now available on public mirrors. This first alpha is available only through Free version, 32 and 64 bits DVDs. This development release is the first one realized without mkcd, our historical build tool, but using bcd available also on Mandriva svn. This new tool should improve global quality of our release and make tests much easier and efficient... Final release of 2010 version is due the 21st of October."

Crossover 8.0 Available

It's that time of year again-- the time for the latest and greatest Crossover release for both Mac and Linux platforms. Version 8.0 brings new and updated support for many applications, especially Quicken 2009, Microsoft Office 2007, and Internet Explorer 7 (why Linux or Mac users would want IE7 is beyond me, but to each his own). Also, the Wine project has, of course, benefited more from Crossover's advancements.

Dreaming Big: Outlet Wall

Instead of having too many appliances and devices plugged into one outlet, why not reverse the idea? In order to save ourselves from the rat's nest of wires below the entertainment center (or the computer desk), David Friedman, photographer, had the idea to have an entire wall of plugs. Just imagine. No more crowded daisy-chains, no more losing pets and small children to the mess underneath, and just think how jealous the neighbors will be with the new sort of 21st-century art you'd have on your wall-- changeable depending on your current mood, too!

Linux to Be the First Support USB 3.0

It's not available in the latest kernel just yet, but if you just so happen to have gotten your hands on a USB 3.0 device you want to use at full spectrum (you lucky jerk) or want to do this for the sake of geekiness, it's now possible to get USB 3.0 support for Debian and Ubuntu systems. The USB 3.0 subsystem will be integrated into the Linux kernel "soon," but if you've got some time on your hands, instructions have been provided to do it yourself.

Xenon: Viable New Mobile OS

With the growing "mobile, mobile, mobile!" craze, many groups have been working strenuously to develop slimmer, easier to use mobile operating systems and applications. At the forefront of these innovating developments are various Linux branches, Android quite possibly one of the most popular and most hoped to come preinstalled on netbooks. In the humble shadows, however, a new mobile OS is emerging and just may have the viability to cover some hefty ground in the market. Meet "Xenon," the new mobile OS.

Eeebuntu Base 3.0 Released

Eeebuntu 3.0, the Ubuntu distribution especially custom-built for the EeePC, just last week saw its third release of the Base edition-- the edition that includes a minimal amount of apps and features for more advanced users to customize. Though nothing's really been said on the matter, I suppose we can expect the Standard and NBR editions to be updated soon as well.

Microsoft, Linux Foundation Unlikely Friends Over Legalities

The two organizations haven't been what you'd call snuggle-buddies, but they're certainly adamant about certain aspects of software enough to agree and collectively petition a legal group for redress of a document. In a somewhat surprising move, Microsoft and the Linux Foundation have joined forces in writing and signing a letter to the American Law Institute asking for the group to hold off on submitting a document entitled "Principles of the Law of Software Contracts" for adjustments.

Linux Mint 7: 10 New Feature Videos

Linux Mint 7 RC1 has recently been released, and a poster over at has been good enough to detail some of the features in ten different videos. He details everything from installation to mintUpdate to even small features, such as the Xchat app. Though the bulk of the videos seem a bit elementary for most readers here, I at least found Linux Mint 7 a very good-looking system aesthetically and technically and would like to test it out sometime in the near future.

Android 1.5: UK Now, US Soon

For users in the United Kingdom, the Cupcake update has already started rolling and will continue to throughout the month. Users in the United States will have to wait until late next week for the updates to begin rolling, but patience is, after all, a virtue. New features include Picasa and YouTube uploads directly from one's phone, and that's spiffy. Cupcakes are quite tasty, so I think.