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English Video of the Amiga 2001 Show Available

Virtual Dimension has finished translating this year's video coverage of the Amiga 2001 show. This annual show held in Cologne, is the highlight Amiga event among the dozens Amiga events being held annually all over the world. Highlights inlude an interview with Ben Hermans of Hyperion Entertainment about the development of AmigaOS4, an interview with Gerald Carda of bplan GmbH regarding their new PPC based PEGASOS motherboard and MorphOS; 'a lightweight PPC OS which is able to emulate 68k AmigaOS and software on PPC hardware in a similar way to how Amithlon works on x86 hardware' and finally it also includes a demonstration of AmigaOS XL powered systems. Amiga Inc and some AmigaDE partners were not present as they decided to attend a very small Canadian Amiga show, which was being held simultaniously to ensure some interest.

Running AmigaOS on a PC: Review of AmigaOS XL

Today, most Amiga users and developers own PCs next to their Amiga platform(s). The PC platform is currently the only "cheap" solution available to give access to modern day hardware. This is why many Amiga fans use it as a development platform or use PCs for applications which aren't available for the currently dated Amiga hardware platform . Of course, this is soon to change with advent of new PPC based AmigaOS 4.x compatible computers on the horizon, as well as a huge variety of AmigaDE enabled devices. But there is also another way: run AmigaOS on your PC. This article will review a new product, AmigaOS XL, which allows you to run the AmigaOS under any modern PC. Screen shots included.

Interviews With AmigaDE Software Developers

Amiga Information Online has interviewed one of the early AmigaDE developer pioneers, Zeoneo. Two of Zeoneo`s PDA targetting titles, namely "Convex" and "Planet Zed" are already selling at Amiga`s online shop. Also GetBoinged recently interviewed Pagan Games. Their first PDA targetted gravity game "Blobula" is already selling and it is the first among the currently available AmigaDE PDA titles to include a music soundtrack. John Harris (orginal Frogger designer) of Pulsar Interactive will hold a class and seminar on AmigaDE Programming at the AmigaExpo which will be held on the 29th till 31st of March in the US. For an earlier look at the hardware-agnostic Amiga Digital Environment and the new PPC based AmigaOS 4.0, be sure to attend the upcoming Alt-WoA 2002 show which will be held on the 23rd of February in the UK.

News on AmigaDE

Amiga's CEO has posted his latest executive update in which Bill writes about the progress being made. Also included are videos of AmigaDE software running binary identical on various devices. For instance the Compaq iPAQ and Sharp Collie. Also Luca Diana recently visited the Amiga's headquarters and made a little report with pictures for us to enjoy, included is a picture of a PDA by Casio running the AmigaDE.

Review of AmigaOSXL and Amithlon has published a review regarding the AmigaOSXL and Amithlon products, which let you either run the AmigaOS 3.9 in a partition on your PC, or in the AmigaOSXL case, through the QNX RtP OS. The reviewer reports that the speed is fantastic and that these products are a great way to run Amiga and lots of its applications on your fast, modern PC, for those who want to try out the Amiga OS in a all-in-one pre-configured, legal package, and can't really mess up with the UAE cryptic interface and the hunt for the... Kickstart BIOS.

Warp3D for AmigaDE Enabled Devices

Hyperion Entertainment announced it has finalised an initial AmigaDE version of its 'Warp3D' technology. At only 56 KB it is well suited for low-end devices like PDA’s, web-tablets and 3G phones. Apex Designs is the first to announce the porting of a popular 3D Amiga game Payback to the AmigaDE. The initial AmigaDE version will not use Warp3D technology however. Have a look at these these screenshots for some of the PDA/cellphone targetted AmigaDE software currently available from the AmigaDE shop. More information and screenshots inside.

Amiga Expo – an Alternative Platforms Show Announced

AmigaExpo is a new show growing out of the Amiga's growing inclusion of other alternative platforms. From the Unix-based Universal Amiga Emulator (UAE), Linux based Amithlon, and QNX-based AmigaXL packages - the Amiga scene is becoming more and more platform agnostic and this is reflected in this show. While the usual Amiga celebrities and exhibitors are confirmed, QNX has also signed up to exhibit and many others including Robot builders, Retro gamers, Palm developers and more will be there as well.

First Amiga Digital Environment Demo Contest is organizing the first ever AmigaDE demo competition. Demos may be written in any language of preference, but the end result must be either compiled down to Virtual Processor code or must be Java Bytecode. The demos will be shown at the World of Amiga South East Show, which is being held in the UK on the 3rd of November 2001. Read more for more information regarding the Amiga Digital Environment and Amiga demos. Mike Bouma has the details.

AmigaDE Players for Linux and Windows

This interview gives some more insight regarding Amiga`s imminent PDA adventures. Note that soon you will be able to use this PDA content and other AmigaDE software transparently with AmigaDE players on both Linux and Windows based platforms. How well such players will sell remains to be seen. Here`s a rather positive quote from John Harris (well known games designer of games like Frogger, Jawbreaker and Mouseattack) regarding his work for Amiga: "It literally revitalized my life!"