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GNOME 2.0 will Ship with a Solaris 9 Update

"The newest version of the GNOME open source desktop will not be ready in time to ship with Solaris 9 next year, but it will be included with a subsequent Solaris 9 quarterly update, a Sun executive told searchSolaris... Sun's ultimate goal is to make GNOME 2.0 the new default desktop for Solaris. But there will be a period of transition she said, where users will be able to choose between GNOME and CDE." Full story at

Introduction to Bonobo & ORBit

Bonobo is the component object model of the GNOME project. Bonobo provides a COM-like model, using CORBA as a location-transparent transport. It is the foundation of the GNOME vision to provide a fully Free Gnu Network Object Model Environment. In this series of three articles, Michael Meeks, component software engineer at Ximian, examines Bonobo in more detail: The first article (already published) gives an overview of what Bonobo can do for you and how it works; the second article will focus specifically on the client side and cover how to use components others have written; and the final article of the series will discuss how to write your own components.