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KDE 3 to Have C Bindings

"Richard Dale recently announced that he has committed C bindings for the KDE3/Qt3 libraries to KDE's CVS. Richard generated the C bindings automatically using a hacked kdoc, with relatively little manual intervention. According to him, "The bindings wrap about 800 classes 13,000 methods, with 200k of C/C++ generated." The same hacked kdoc can also generate Objective C and Java bindings, and Richard hopes to be able to consolidate generation of these various KDE bindings (Java/Objective C/C) with this one tool." Get the rest of the news at .DOT KDE.

KDE 3.0 Alpha1 Developer Release Available

The KDE Project today announced the release of KDE 3.0 Alpha1. This is a developer-only release and it is making full use of Trolltech's QT 3 API. The release brings an impressive array of new features to KDE developers, including new database classes, new data-aware widgets, improved RAD development with a much-enhanced Qt Designer, a new powerful regular expression class (with full Unicode support), improved internationalization support (including the ability to mix different character sets in the same text), bi-directional language support (for languages such as Arabic and Hebrew), multi-monitor (Xinerama and multi-screen) support, better integration of pure Qt applications into KDE, and hardware-accelerated alpha blending. With the QT3 port out of the way, the KDE developers can now focus on the new KDE improvements.

Work for KDE 3.0 Has Started

The sleepless KDE/QT developers have started work for KDE 3, the X graphics environment, planned to be released sometime next year. KDE 3 will be based on QT 3.0 and will also feature educational and other apps (like Kompare and KWinTV) as part of the default installation, support for extremely large files, new versions for KNode and KMail, email templates in KMail, advanced Web Shortcuts, S/MIME support, plugins for the KMenu, a graphical Regular Expression app (KRegExpEditor) and much more. A mailing list for the KDE3 users can be found here. Update: If you are an adventurous user, there is an alpha version of KDE 3 available.