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Mandrake Linux 9.0 Review

"I have tried for the last three weeks to generate a review of Mandrake 9.0 without much success. Not that I have ever been accused of being at a loss for words, but this particular release has left me speechless. I can't think of much to say about this release that hasn't already been said about several other Linux distributions." Read the review at LinuxLookup. In other news, both MandrakeSoft and SuSE have new CEOs since today.

Mandrake 9.0 – A “Newbie” Ginning

"With all the hoopla surrounding Linux lately I wanted to give it a try. Several people told me that for a newbie Mandrake was the way to go. As luck would have it MandrakeSoft was about to release their newest version, 9.0. I requested a copy to review from them and it was here in less than a week. A big thank you to the team at MandrakeSoft for the CD's and for their help." Read the review at TweakHound.

Lycoris Build 63-Beta Released

Build 63 of Lycoris is released. Printing and automounting is mostly, but not completely, fixed in this beta. Joseph Cheek's changelog: "removed ghostscript-doc; added Fontmap to ghostscript-fonts; upgraded gimp-print to 4.2.3; updated espgs to 7.05.5; added automake-compat rpm ; fixed courier only font printing issues; made kicker clock 14 pt; removed lucent wavelan from prism2 probe list; fixed non-root vfat mounting issue; fixed printing." Download here, report bugs here.

Review of Mandrake Linux ProSuite Edition 9.0

MandrakeSoft and Pearson Education sent us over a copy of their latest "pro" edition of the popular Linux Mandrake 9.0. We already wrote a review about Linux Mandrake 9.0, so this is going to be a review of the ProSuite deal specifically and what you get for $199 USD RPP (easily found for around $175 USD in the market). Update: Apparently, StarOffice 6.0 is included in its full version with the distribution. Too bad Mandrake does such a poor job and include its RPMs along with some hundreds other demos in the two Commercial CDs, without saying a word about it (or where to find it) in the "Commercial Software Guide" booklet or another really prominent place.

Lycoris Desktop/LX Linux – A Step Away from Windows XP

"I am impressed with Lycoris. They have made a good start at making Linux accessible to the casual user. There is a long way to go yet but the makers should be proud of the work they have done. It is capable of competing with Windows in the home, something which other distro's of Linux have not yet achieved. However Lycoris could not compete with Red Hat or similar distro's in a workstation environment. Then again, you wouldn't use XP Home edition as a workstation OS. Lycoris is to XP Home what Red Hat is to XP Professional." Read the review at TechSeekers.

Fun with Mandrake PowerPack 9.0

"Last week a friendly delivery driver brought me a copy of Mandrake's PowerPack Edition 9.0. This is the complete boxed set, full of bells, whistles, and bangles. As others have said before me, 9.0 is the smoothest Mandrake yet. This article is more in the "tips and tricks" vein than a review, since I think Mandrake's latest has already been reviewed more than enough, more often favorably than not." Read the review at NewsForge.

Lycoris Desktop/LX Build 61 Development Release

"New in build 61: branded hwprobe; removed "unverified" from rlsysinfo; minor khelpcenter update; changed kicker clock applet type to plain, without date; minor mozilla update; upgraded NVidia drivers and rebuilt additional kernel modules; made printk default to level 6; fixed minor adduser bug; added more sdx1 and sdx4 entries; removed rmmod -a from crontab; added change the system password entry in control center; upgraded ghostscript to espgw 7.05.4, less to build 378, libdvdcss to 1.2.3, modutils to 2.4.21, PCMCIA to 3.2.1, util-linux to 2.11x and finished the unattended installer." Download the ISO of Lycoris and report some bugs.

Mandrake Linux 9.0 Packs Now Available

MandrakeSoft today announced the availability of boxed versions of Mandrake Linux 9.0 -- the latest evolution of its popular operating system designed for both home and professional computing. Customers are provided with three packaged versions from which to choose: the Mandrake Linux PowerPack and Standard editions are designed for individual users, and the ProSuite Edition is created for small and medium-sized enterprises. Mandrake Linux 9.0 packs are available through a number of retail outlets worldwide and online.

Review: Lycoris is Desktop Dream

"Ralph Glanz told me about Redmond Linux around the time that he first became interested in it, just after he and I had written last year's comparison review about Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSE, and Libranet. Based on what Ralph told me, I became interested too, and got my own copy just shortly before Ralph's review was published. Right around that time, the name of the distribution was changed from Redmond Linux to what it is today, Lycoris Desktop/LX." Read the review at ExtremeTech.

Lycoris and Transgaming Team Up

Lycoris partners with TransGaming and brings ross-platform gaming into the hands of Desktop/LX users. With the new Lycoris GamePak, Desktop/LX users gain simple installation of improved and enhanced Open Source games, plus the ability to play top Windows games, all in one box. Access to TransGaming's WineX software, which allows DirectX games to run on other platforms, will be included with the Lycoris GamePak, on retail store shelves this Holiday season.