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Shell: Write Shell Extensions with C#; Java & .NET Interoperability

In this article, Dino Esposito demonstrates how to create a Windows shell extension using C# code and the .NET Framework. He discusses the COM Interop layer and using a practical example, shows you techniques and tricks you need to know to build managed shell extensions. On the same site: Java and .NET are both great platforms on their own, but together, they are a practical necessity in today's enterprise. This article looks at various interoperability issues between the Java & .NET platforms.

XP theme engine for DotGNU WinForms; Other .NET-related News

Shortly after the QT theme engine release, DotGNU announces the availability of the XP theme engine for its implementation of WinForms. The new XP engine allows DotGNU WinForms to use literally thousands of custom designed "visual styles", such as those available from ThemeXP.org. Screenshots 1 and 2. On other .NET-related news, Monodevelop 0.5 is released, #develop Fidalgo RC2 was released 3 days ago and wx.NET Beta 2 was released late last week.

Sharpdevelop Fidalgo 1.0-RC1 Released

SharpDevelop Fidalgo (1.0) has now entered Release Candidate status with this RC1 release. As with Beta 1, no features have been added, only two existing ones have been improved to be more useful: you now can convert entire projects from VB.NET to C# (and vice versa), as well as import ASP.NET projects from VS.NET. Other than that, we have worked on two major areas (and will continue to work on): Bug fixes and performance improvements (for details please see the Subversion change log). Its Mono port, MonoDevelop, had version 0.4 releasing yesterday.

MSDN: System.Xml.Schema Namespace; MSBuild; ASP.NET 2.0

Three MSDN articles: Dare Obasanjo provides examples of lesser-known class functionality in System.Xml.Schema namespaces. This second of a three-part article series explains how to write, install, and debug your own tasks to enhance what is possible to build with MSBuild. While ASP.NET 2.0 is completely backwards compatible with ASP.NET 1.1, its new features may require you to revise parts of your Web applications. This article provides a detailed analysis of how changes in ASP.NET 2.0 will influence your porting decisions.

Synopsis on what DotGNU Is

There's been a lot of chatter about Mono, recently, varying from "its a killer dev platform!" all the way to, "the patent issues are going to destroy us all!" And yet, in all this chatter, there has been relatively little chatter about DotGNU or Portable.NET. Well, you know what they say: learning is FUNdamental...