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Microsoft’s Whidbey: Something For Everyone

Microsoft's pre-beta version of its Visual Studio .NET platform, "Whidbey", is offering a trove of new simplified tools and features that should make developers jobs easier, while giving Microsoft critics new fodder, attendees at the Professional Developers Conference here said. In the meantime, Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap 2004-2005 were posted, and also the new CLR Profiler which allows developers to see the allocation profile of their manage applications.

SharpDevelop 0.98b Released

SharpDevelop is an open-source (GPL) IDE for C# and VB.NET projects on the .NET platform (Mono port in the works). This 0.98 release has seen a complete rewrite of the text editor (it is now much faster), which also should be now much easier reuseable as a control in other applications. Also new by (very) popular request is the Tools/Options/Text Editor- Highlighting panel. It allows you to modify the syntax highlighting that is used inside #develop.

.NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 Developer Redistributable

The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 Developer Redistributable includes the latest .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 CAB files for all supported processor types. On othe Microsoft releases, here is the Developer Power Toys for the Windows Mobile platform and the Windows CE Utilities for Visual Studio .NET 2003 add-on pack which enables Visual Studio to connect to devices running Windows CE 4.1 and later.

Moving from Visual Basic to ASP.NET

Learn the similarities and differences between Web application development using ASP.NET and classic desktop application development. This article is aimed toward Visual Basic 6.0 developers who are interested in getting started with creating ASP.NET Web applications, and examines the differences between creating desktop applications with Visual Basic 6.0 and creating ASP.NET Web applications with Visual Basic .NET.

Portable.NET 0.5.12 Released

Portable.NET 0.5.12 has been released, and is available for download. This is mostly a bug fix release, heading up towards 0.6.0, but with substantial improvements throughout the system, particularly WinForms. The release date for DotGNU 0.1 has been fixed at end-September. For Portable.NET the goals are to get pnetC to basic usefulness, fix as many system.xml bugs as possible, and make the core button/textbox/scroll widgets work in WinForms. Screenshots available.

Next .NET Aims at J2EE’s Turf

ZDNet takes a look at Indigo, the next major version of Microsoft's web services platform, which is scheduled to be released concurrently with Longhorn, the next major Windows OS version. Indigo is believed to be aimed directly at enterprise-class web services platforms like the Java 2 Enterprise Edition ones from BEA and IBM.

.Net: 3 Years of the ‘Vision’ Thing

The end of last month marked the third anniversary of Microsoft's launch of its .Net strategy, which executives such as Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said at the time was a "bet-the-company thing." But three years later, reactions are mixed as to whether that strategy, along with the vision that accompanied it, has played out as the Redmond, Wash., software developer had hoped.

What Next for .NET?

Microsoft's .NET strategy and framework have done more to raise the industry's awareness of Web services and XML (extensible markup language) than any product or public relations campaign. They also saved Microsoft's keister just as enterprises were beginning to realize the company's previous Web platforms were not going to work as advertised, and the mood was turning sour. Read the article at NewsFactor.

.NET Framework SDK v1.1 and Visual J# .NET v1.1 Released

The Microsoft .NET Framework SDK version 1.1 includes everything developers need to write, build, test, and deploy .NET Framework applications—documentation, samples, and command-line tools and compilers. You must install the .NET Framework Redistributable Package version 1.1 prior to installing the .NET Framework SDK. The Microsoft Visual J# .NET version 1.1 Redistributable Package includes everything you need to run your Visual J# .NET applications on a computer that already has the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 installed.

Microsoft to Score new C# Standard

Microsoft on Tuesday said that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in April will certify Microsoft's programming language C# (pronounced C sharp) and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), which is underlying software "plumbing" that can run applications written in different programming languages.

Microsoft Invests In Mobility

Microsoft aims to entice solution providers to develop applications for Pocket PCs and Smartphones using its .Net Compact Framework, said Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates last week. "The sky is the limit," Gates said in his keynote address at the first U.S. Microsoft Mobility Developer conference, held here in tandem with the CTIA expo.