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Opera Launches Opera 6.0 for Linux Beta 1

Opera today released Opera 6.0 for Linux Beta 1 with a wide range of speed-boosting functions and exclusive features only available to Linux users. Opera for the first time displays non-Roman alphabets for Linux users, opening up the local markets in the Asia/Pacific and Eastern European region to true browser competition. In a related note, the OffByOne original browser for Windows (only 400 KB) now supports SSL and the full spectrum of HTML 3.2.

CNN Reviews Opera 6

"Opera bills itself as "the fastest browser on earth!" -- and indeed it is fast. But to laud it only for its speed would miss the point. Much more impressive are Opera's other features for surfing the World Wide Web. Consider the menu item for quickly deleting cookie files that Web sites leave behind to track you. Or the item for rejecting pop-up windows, such as those pitching wireless cameras from X10." Read the rest of the review at CNN.

Opera 6 Beta1 for Windows Released

Opera Software ASA today unveiled Opera 6.0 for Windows Beta 1, introducing a browser with an array of new and improved features, including a completely new default user interface, skins, buttons and panels. With the release of Opera 6.0 for Windows (3.2 MB), Opera reaches out to users accustomed to competing browsers' single document interface (SDI) and targets users in regions that previously could not use Opera.