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Opera Released for the Wii

Opera for the Nintendo Wii has been released. "Opera on Wii adds a new dimension and functionality to a video game console system. It is a unique Web experience that everyone can use, and the Intelligent Zoom feature allows consumers to read Web content on the TV from the comfort of their couch." Ars has a review. Update: 5 2 screenshots of Opera for Wii rendering OSNews.

Opera 9.10 Released

Opera 9.10 has been released with the big new thing being protection against phishing. "Opera Software today introduced real-time Fraud Protection in its Web browser. Fraud Protection includes technology from GeoTrust and PhishTank, a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing on the Internet. Fraud Protection is available in Opera 9.1, the newest version of Opera's Web browser."

Opera Mini 3.0 Released

Opera Mini 3.0 was released today (get it here). Major new features include camera support, RSS feed reader, SSL and https support, content folding, and speed improvements. Screenshot here. Today we also celebrate here at OSNews the first hits of the Opera-based Wii browser (via a proxy hack to allow generic web browsing) and the Sony PS3 browser. We would be grateful if you could snap a picture of your TV with your gaming console rendering OSNews and send us an email with it or post a link below.

Opera Everywhere

"Opera Software chief Jon S. von Tetzchner's Web browser, popular with many hardcore computer users, hasn't taken over the industry. The Norwegian company's browser has been around for 12 years but has just 1.5% of the market. Compared to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or even Mozilla's Firefox, it barely qualifies as an also-ran. But unlike its competitors Microsoft and Mozilla, Opera is focusing a lot of attention on noncomputer devices: mobile phones, videogame consoles or just about anything else you can stick a screen on."

Hakon Wium Lie: For Opera, Smaller Is Better

Hakon Wium Lie must feel a special kinship with the "Band of Brothers" soliloquy that Shakespeare reserves for Henry V. "We few we, happy few, we band of brothers..." the king proclaims before his men head into battle. With all of Microsoft's riches and power behind it, Internet Explorer has dominated the Web browser market since Netscape's defeat in the late 1990s. But as CTO of Opera Software, Wium Lie's job is to figure out how to incorporate the best technology possible in his company's software - and in this he's stolen a beat on Opera's much bigger rival.

Nintendo DS Opera Browser Hands-on

"The DS Browser ends up becoming a bullet point for the Nintendo DS system's capabilities. Yes, the Nintendo DS can now surf the internet. But after the novelty wears off, you probably won't want to", Craig Harris writes in his review. Craig was very kind to send us a DS screenshot rendering the mobile version of OSNews, although the browser seems to interpret "100%" of cell width as 800px wide instead of DS' 256px native resolution. Update: Craig sent us another shot, this time using the "small screen rendering" mode, which looked much better.

Review: Opera 9

Yet another review of Opera 9. "There is a lot more to this feature rich, standards compliant web browser and each day I find new ways of using Opera to heighten my browsing comforts. Definitely the developers of Firefox - another web browser that I am really fond of - can imbibe a couple of the path breaking features found in Opera."

Review: Opera 9.0; IE7 Beta 3 Released

"The last time I tried Opera, it was still advertisement supported, and offered me no real reason to choose their ad-free option for the money being asked. A number of people used to feel that Opera's ads were off-topic and more annoying than anything. I should be clear in saying that I support companies with a strong privacy policy using ads should they choose to. I just did not see the value in adding them to a browser that offered very little that other browsers did not. Today, this has changed. Opera is now ad free, and they have added some cool new functionality." On a related note, Microsoft has released the 3rd beta version of IE7 for Windows XP/2003.

Review: Opera for the Nintendo DS

It was announced back in February that Opera would be coming out for the Nintendo DS. Opera and Nintendo announced a release date of July 24th for Japan (with the US and Europe to follow soon after) and a price of around $30 at a special this last weekend. But just how good is this pint sized web browser on Nintendo's hot new handheld? Check out the first hands-on review for some juicy details.

Review: Opera 9

eWeek reviews Opera 9, and is full of praise: "It's a good bet that if you want to see the features that other Web browsers will be adding in a year or two, you should download Opera 9, which was released on June 20. The free Opera 9 is available in Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD and Mac OS X versions. In our tests, we found Opera 9 to be one of the best Web browsing tools we've used in a long time, which is why we are giving Opera 9 an eWEEK Labs Analyst's Choice award." They have a set of screenshots as well.

Opera Partners with Nintendo to Put Browser on the Wii

Nintendo has turned to Opera as the browser for their upcoming Wii gaming console. "Opera Software today announced that Nintendo's much anticipated new generation game console, Wii, will use the Opera browser. Users of the Wii console will browse the Internet using their consoles. Navigating via the innovative new Wii Remote controller, users can visit Web sites in between gaming sessions."

Opera Mini 2.0 Released

Opera Software today announced a new version of its micro-browser for non-smartphones, Opera Mini 2.0. New features included content download to the phone, the ability to change the browser's visual skin, multisearch to allow users to select extra search engines for the homepage, speed dial for bookmarks similar to the phones speed dial, and quick horizontal and vertical panning when browsing backwards or forwards. There is the ability to use a simulator to try it out on your desktop browser.

Opera 9 Beta 1 Released

"Opera Software today announced the first public beta of Opera 9. This version includes Widgets, small web programs running in their own windows that are fun, easy-to-use and live on users' desktops. The Opera 9 beta also features support for BitTorrent, a popular file downloading technology, in addition to an easy-to-use content blocker and thumbnail previews of tabbed sites. And yes, Opera remains available free of charge."