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Opera Is Now Acid2 Compliant

Opera is now fully Acid2 compliant. Its latest preview build fixes the last missing feature that was preventing the test page from rendering correctly. Other improvements in this release: fixed crasher on Flash; added experimental support for opening Web archives; improved display of content blocker toolbar; added keyboard shortcuts Cmd+ for back/forward on Mac; and much more.

Opera Starts Weekly Builds Program

"The release of Opera 9 Preview 2 marks the start of a new tradition: The Weekly Builds. Every week until the final version of Opera 9 is ready, we intend to ship a weekly updated version of Opera 9 on this blog. The goal is to further open up our development process to our devoted users and allow you to be more involved at an earlier stage than when we ship the next public beta."

Opera Preview Puts Widgets on Stage

Opera Software on Tuesday plans to release a second preview version of Opera 9, the next version of its namesake Web browser. For the first time, the new version will include support for so-called widgets, Opera representative Thomas Ford said. Widgets are essentially small browser windows that display information taken from the Internet on a user's desktop. The notion is similar in concept to the widget idea that Apple Computer uses in the Dashboard feature of Mac OS X. "It is really a big jump for us into Web applications," Ford said. "They give people the information they want right on the desktop. Even if it is a Web page, people don't have to go to the browser to see it."

Opera Mini 1.2-Final Released

Opera Software today announced the release of Opera Mini, the full Web browser that runs on almost every mobile Java phone, including low- and mid-end handsets. Opera Mini compresses Web pages by up to 80% and reformats them using Small-Screen Rendering for easy and fast browsing on small, mobile screens. For the end-user, this means faster browsing and dramatically reduced phone bills for those who pay per KB in data traffic. Screenshots rendering OSNews and our sister-site GnomeFiles.

Opera 8.5 Beta for Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003/SE/5

Opera 8.5 Pocket PC beta version is based on the same core as the Opera 8.5 desktop browser and brings the full internet to mobile Pocket PCs. The version is available for both WM 2003 and WM 5.0. We tested the browser and we were very happy to see that it supports the VGA resolution out of the box, as our comparative screenshot reveals. There are still bugs though, namely with zoom control, fonts become huge when unchecking the "fit to screen" option or going landscape, and the fact that it doesn't pop up the virtual keyboard when a form field/URL-bar is focused. Other than that, it looks great.

Opera Says Show’s Not for Sale

Representatives at browser maker Opera denied that the company is in the process of being sold to either Google or Microsoft, and said the Norwegian firm has no other acquisition plans in the works. Opera markets an eponymous desktop Web browser as well as several mobile browser technologies. A number of published reports appeared early Friday that implied that industry giants Microsoft and Google could be engaged in a bidding war over Opera. The company called those stories mere rumors.

Microsoft To Buy Opera?

CoolTechZone claims that Microsoft has bought Opera. "In a recent conversation with one of our insiders at Microsoft, the source revealed that Microsoft has acquired Opera Software, makers of the Opera browser. The insider reported that both Microsoft and Google were trying to bid on Opera, but in the end, the software maker took the lead. At the moment, the deal is almost through with Microsoft and Opera planning on locations for the browser’s research and development centers throughout the world." Update: Opera has officially denied the rumours (thanks to Nemesis11).

Opera Quietly Ships Mini Browser

Users of Java-capable cell phones anywhere may find browsing the Web easier and cheaper now that Opera Software is allowing anyone to download its Opera Mini application. The official worldwide launch of Opera Mini is planned for January but Opera has quietly lifted restrictions that previously allowed only residents of some Nordic countries and Germany to download the application, a spokesperson has confirmed.

Opera 9.0 Technical Preview 1

Opera Software has released a preview version of their latest browser iteration, codename Merlin, Opera 9.0. Some of the changes include support for XSLT, Web Forms 2.0 and Canvas 2D; rich-text editing; site-specific preferences; find highlighting; default useragent ID as Opera; almost 100% Acid2 test compliance.