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Opera CEO promises to swim Atlantic Ocean

The CEO of Opera Software, Jon S. von Tetzchner, has promised he "will swim from Norway to the USA with only one stop-over for a cup of hot chocolate at his mother's house in his home country, Iceland" if the number of downloads passes 1 million by Saturday. Sure, we're falling for this cheap publicity stunt, just as they hoped we would. But I can't help but hope he ends up having to make good on his commitment.

Opera Browser Beta Adds Voice, More

According to an article at DesktopLinux.com, the first public beta of Opera 8 is available for free download. It adds voice input/output and a host of other niceties. Key new features include improved RSS handling, fit to window or paper width, a start-bar for easy access to the most commonly used functions, and automatic update checks. The beta release supports Windows only, but a general release is scheduled for early 2005.

Opera 7.53 released for all supported platforms

Opera Software released today Opera's version 7.53 (download here) with added security fix for all supported platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and MS-Windows). Changelog for each platform can be viewed here. In addition Opera is offering a tool which allows users to make Opera look like IE or other browsers before you delve into Opera's more advanced features: Opera one-click setups.

Opera Gives Its Browser a Voice

Opera Software will include voice capabilities in its updated browser software, using IBM's embedded ViaVoice technology, the company says. The upgraded browser, which will continue to be offered at no cost, will be available later this year, Opera in Oslo, Norway, says. Initially, it will offer support for ViaVoice in English only, but other languages may be developed in due course, Opera Chief Executive Officer Jon von Tetzchner says.