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OpenStep, GNUstep The GNUstep project released new versions of its frameworks: Base 1.13, GUI 0.11, along with a new version of the Graphical Interface Builder for GNUstep, Gorm (1.1). The new version of Base adds new classes for NSPredicate, better url management, as well as improving support on Windows. On the GUI side, among the noteworthy changes since the previous release (0.10.3, march 2006) is the new support for key encoding in all gui classes - which means you can now load and save OS X nib files.
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by fithisux on Wed 30th Aug 2006 17:35 UTC
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I use Gnustep stack + Windowmaker the last one and a half year on my Linux and FreeBSD boxes.

It is a pleasure to the eye. Not that useful as Gnome but has another fresh air. I love Vindaloo, Affiche and GWorkspace. I use the dockapps from the Windowmaker and play a lot with Cenon and Price (very useful). It needs a good online radio player application ( I currently use xine) and a cd-burning application ( I currently use xcdroast or k3b).

Someone has to finish the new version of GnuMail and improve the buggy Waihoo. It has a lot of momentum and it is very portable. Now it seems from the latest changelog that we will finally see the new releases hitting DragonFly. But the scripting interface must bring some form of python/tcl/ruby/lua or whatever alongside with steptalk.

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Nice to see
by tyrione on Thu 31st Aug 2006 01:23 UTC
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Great job Mr. Gregory Casamento. I'll check on how long it will take to role into Debian Sid for apt-get upgrade to happen.

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